Vinay Wardhan.S, Founder, Career Path Solutions Pvt. Ltd on Entrepreneurship



The urge to start something on my own,

The desire to make a mark;

To get a smile replace that frown,

And make a difference and not for a lark.


The journey begins with high hopes,

A lot of enthusiasm and loads of passion,

The initial days; whiz by, learning the ropes,

Slowly, unknowingly, seeps in the frustration.


As one realizes that it is no bed of roses,

Rather one with many a thorn,

The cash burn happens in small doses,

And others begin to look at you in scorn!


But self-belief, you do not lose,

Patience becomes your friend,

New schemes, you start to propose,

And taste success, in the end.


The keys to this success,

Is determination & dedication;

Never do anything, in excess,

And serve the society & the nation!


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