Pothi.com launches BookSmith – the blog to book tool


Pothi.com, India's leading on-demand publishing platform has come up with BookSmith, a free tool to automatically convert blogs into print ready books

Banalore, January 5, 2010: Acting on its mission to make publishing accessible to all, Bangalore based Pothi.com has publicly launched its Blog to Book Conversion tool BookSmith. The tool takes the URL of a blog and converts it to a print ready book in few simple steps. The print book can, then, be ordered via Pothi.com’s Print on Demand (POD) platform. It also provides free download of an e-book that can be used for on-screen reading and circulation on Internet.

“The idea for this tool came from observing how people are using our Print on Demand platform. Creating a gift book out of blog posts is a very common use case. The heavy-weight design process usually involved in creating a print book is not suitable for such customers. So, we thought of creating an automated tool, which can quickly design the book for them.” says Jaya Jha, co-founder of Mudranik Technologies Private Limited, the company running Pothi.com.

Pothi.com already hosts a Print on Demand backed self publishing platform which lets individuals and organizations publish their books with no or little upfront investment. More than 300 titles ranging from personal memoirs, out-of-copyright classics to technical books and manuals are available in print from its online store. The company focuses on technologically enabling and automating the various publishing tasks so that the investment required goes down. BookSmith is an important addition to this effort of technological enablement.

The tool is available for free use at http://blog2book.pothi.com.

About Pothi.com

Pothi.com is India's leading Print on Demand backed self publishing provider. It enables individuals and organizations to publish their books in print with no or little upfront investment. It achieves this by technologically enabling various publishing tasks.

Pothi.com is co-founded by Abhaya Agarwal and Jaya Jha, both IIT Kanpur graduates in Computer Science.

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