Talk on entrepreneurship organized


Andhra Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a talk on Recipe for entrepreneurship in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Venkat Tadanki, CEO of California-based Secova Inc. a HR consultancy firm delivered talk.

He said, surviving the first thousand days in new business is a signal that the entrepreneur would succeed in that business as he or she would have overcome the difficulties and understood the facets of the business. Some people tend to have emotional attachment to the business they start, thinking that it was their brain child and they would go to any extent for its continued existence.

But, entrepreneurs always need to have a plan-B and openness for any change, as things do not always go the way they were planned. If something was not working for them they should simply change. The employees’ loyalty towards the organisation was equally important for the growth of any business, and it would be difficult to hold them after a year or so. Mr. Venkat said successful entrepreneurs have a healthy opinion of them and often have a strong and self-confident. An entrepreneur aspiring to be successful should be positive, determined and motivated. Success would come easily if one loves what they do. At this occasion Andhra Chamber of Commerce and Industry president M. Rajaiah, Efftronics managing director D. Ramakrishna and others were present.


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