Wiesbaden, Germany based startup – founded by twin brothers Nicholas and Daniel MacGowan von Holstein as well as Jan Deppe is a free online library of documents that allows users and organizations to upload, share and manage their documents with direct access to any documents that can be found. The company focuses on large organizations within the European market and cooperates with Amazon, the United Nations and Creative Commons. Twidox has won third place of the best start-ups at this year’s Nonick conference in Bilbao and has been selected for the elevator pitch at next09.

The founders had the idea for twidox whilst still at university and discussing the difficulty of searching for relevant quality documents for research purposes (access to knowledge). The greatest obstacle lay in the relevance of search results returned from search engines, getting access to subscription-paying sites that did have relevant information and the vast number of websites from different organizations that held documents on the same subject. Thus was born the innovative business idea.

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