Google Artificial Intelligence Challenge


An artificial intelligence contest run by students, for students. Submit your code online to watch it play against other students' entries from around the world! This is being organized by University of Waterloo Computer Science club , sponsored by Google.

The five-minute quickstart guide will guide you through the steps to get your name on the global leaderboard in less than five minutes. There is also a Next Steps section to give you some idea which direction to go after you've completed this guide.

Once you have registered choose any starter package, and download it. The starter packages are all ZIP files, and you should now have one of these ZIP files on your computer.

You have to submit any and all source files that your entry requires in order to run, including You can have as many source files as you want, as long as they're all in the same language and they're all in the same directory. The auto-compile script looks at which files you submitted to auto-detect the language that you're using, identifies all the source files you submitted, compiles each one, then links them together. Check out the email you get after you submit a starter package to see the exact commands that the auto-compile script uses to compile your code. Post to the forums if you need any help, and we'll be glad to address your specific case.

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