Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Global Summit 2010

Friday February 12, 2010,

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Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are invited to attend the 2010 MVP Global Summit at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, from February 16 through 19. Invitations are also extended to Regional Directors (RDs).

This year’s event will provide opportunities for MVPs to network and socialize with their technical peers, build stronger relationships with Microsoft product teams, and hear from Microsoft executives. While some sessions will provide access to exclusive technical content, others will be highly interactive and focus on feedback and listening.

Who are MVPs?

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, or MVPs, are exceptional community leaders who actively share their high-quality, real-world deep technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft. They are committed to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft products and technologies.

They are awarded by Microsoft for these reasons, in addition to their continuous feedback and consistent representation of the “voice of the customer." Their contributions help Microsoft to evolve its programs and products.

What is the MVP Summit?

The MVP Global Summit is a multi-day event that is hosted in Bellevue and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. With a large catalog of deep dive sessions and a variety of networking opportunities, the MVP Global Summit enables MVPs to connect with other MVPs, build relationships with Microsoft product managers, and provide feedback on Microsoft products and technologies.

Who can attend the MVP Summit?

The MVP Global Summit is an exclusive event for MVPs. For the 2010 event, MVPs who have been awarded within these dates are invited: April 2009, July 2009, October 2009, and January 2010. Registration to attend the Summit begins in December 2009.

MVPs who were awarded in January 2009 will also have the opportunity to register. However, they must be re-awarded in January 2010 in order to be eligible to attend the Summit. Communications will be sent to these MVPs to explain how the registration process will apply to them. We strongly recommend that MVPs awarded in January 2009, wait to confirm airplane reservations until they are notified that their award has been renewed.

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