Paavani Bishnoi, Founder, Trendiya


“Predicting success”

Knowing which way the market is going is essential to gaining success. If you had access to such knowledge I am sure you, dear reader would pounce upon it. Paavani Bishnoi in that regard is much in demand for she is an entrepreneur in the business of trend prediction.

She told us about her venture “Trendiya” saying “Trendiya is about India! It is about design research, trends spotting and forecasting for India, Indians and India specific market.”

Business Idea- Trendiya makes it predictions based on facts and findings and not through some crystal ball. She told us about their methods of prediction saying “We work by collecting data at the macro level- socio/economic, retail, cultural, lifestyle etc. We get the fresh finding from our local trends reporters from major A1 & A2 cities and towns in India. For these we use specific methods such as Shadowing, Shopping trips, Mystery Shopping, Home ethnographies, Scenario mapping, Focus groups and participatory design etc.”

“For secondary data collections we keep a tab on Indian television, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet. Regular visits to market and fairs, trade shows give us better understanding of products. We take the advantage of social media tools to reach the youth and give you trends reports from everywhere of India. Specially Twitter, which has recently come up as an instant and wider reach medium to get the people opinions and needs.”

“Our business model is simple. Collect information by using various design research tools, make reports/ presentations and share. We not only believe in simplicity but also follow it! :)”

Target Market- Trendiya could prove to be useful to a number of ventures and businesses, but some will benefit more than others. Paavani told us who stands to gain the most saying “Our main target group is Youth as most of our population is aged less than 25 years.”

“Trendiya helps in conceptualizing and developing innovative products, services that gives a clear vision, new possibilities. India has emerged as a center for global research and development activities. There is a huge market for information technology, consumer goods, retail, fashion, education and craft industries but hardly any insight into the needs and aspirations of people who will buy it.”

“Trendiya is not only for Indians. In fact it has global appeal. The way people are taking interest in Indian film Industry, automotive industry etc. It is very important that first we know the true India and what consumer wants and how markets work here.

Trendiya is about local consumers with global brands.”