Parisoma Innovation : A coworking and event space for entrepreneurs, startups, free lancers, and independent professionals

Monday February 15, 2010,

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Here is a really innovative concept to nurture innovation. Parisoma Innovation Loft is a coworking and event space in the SoMa district of San Francisco. They provide desks, wi-fi, coffee, community and stellar events for entrepreneurs, startups, free lancers, and independent professionals. Their five core values are community, collaboration, innovation, openness, and sustainability. Through these values, they seek to encourage the growth of collective intelligence.

The pariSoma Innovation Loft is a beautiful, open, and sun-filled coworking loft in the SoMa district of San Francisco. While fully equipped with high-speed WiFi, kitchen, a 135-inch digital projection screen, and a conference room, the pariSoma Innovation Loft does more than just a provide desks and WiFi. They are

  • A Coworking space – The space is set up to be as flexible as possible. Take any open seat (desk, couch, bar) plug in your laptop, grab a cup of coffee and you’re good to go. The coworking movement was founded by and for independent workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artists who share values of collaboration, openness, community, and sustainability. We’re interested in the synergy that can happen bringing together like-minded and talented people.
The Conference Room
  • A place to meet - They host a variety of meetups and events, from the monthly SF Drupal Users Group to TEDxSoMa to Creative Commons Salon to bi-monthly art exhibits. They have a big open space and a conference room with space to host up to 120 people. They are open to any type of events that match with their values.
The open coworking space
  • A community of communities - pariSoma was conceived to support fluid collaboration. They are part of an international network with strong links to France and Europe. pariSoma’s goal is to work as a platform for communities that understand the value of being part of a broader network to foster innovation and collective intelligence.

The key values Community, Collaboration, Innovation, Openness and Sustainability.

If San Francisco can have such a place then its sister city Bangalore cant be behind when it comes to innovative urban spaces. Jaaga, which means "Place" in Kannada is an urban community art-architecture experiment.

The WallFlowers at JaagaIt is community space created to serve the arts, technology and social change communities in Bangalore. It includes web enabled co-work spaces, a cafe and a large multi-level public space for screenings, workshops, lectures and performances. They have an open call for proposals to use and design for Jaaga. If you get selected they would support your project by giving you their space in lieu of your time, skills or creative contributions.

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