RTBI's Conference On Rural Opportunities For Business And Sustainability on March 3rd,Chennai


More than 70% of India lies untouched - be it by Business or by Development. It has been the vision of the TeNeT Group of IIT Madras, that the sustainable way to development is through the midas touch of an entrepreneur. While Projects and Grants come to an end, it is in the innate genetics of a enterprise to scale, cater to the needs of its consumers, leverage and utilize local resources and opportunities and become sustainable in the long run. Any initiative that has to scale, demands that it meet these criteria.

We all agree to this notion, and Entrepreneurship is catching up in a rather big manner in India. Yet when it comes to rural opportunities, most of us are unaware. It seems to be the silent market that woos quite a few, yet apart from a few books that have made these markets seem attractive, the understanding of the challenges, and the opportunity is rather limited for most. The main aim of this event is to demystify Rural Opportunities for Entrepreneurs.

This Conference by RTBI, an incubation centre out of IIT Madras which three years ago took on the challenge of building rural businesses, is an effort to create an awareness for entrepreneurs, investors and the stakeholders of initiatives that aim to target the rural markets, and are looking to gain a better understanding of the opportunity, the costs, the challenges, and even some learnings from those who have successfully managed to build businesses in that sector.

If you are one who goes by the trend of identifying yourself as a social entrepreneur, or looking foropportunities that are intimately domestic and in the Emerging Markets sector, you cannot afford to miss the interactive sessions that are planned with the Entrepreneurs, Investors and Social Researchers, who are going to be sharing their insights with numbers, qualitative & quantitative analysis, the design demands of these markets and from the entrepreneur's viewpoint of building businesses.

Note: Limited Seats Only. Registrations will be on First Come First Serve Basis.



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