Vibha.M.Narshana, Founder, Solitaire Events


Event management by itself means a wide range of services that one can provide, however some are more specialized in their approach to this business. Vibha.M.Narshana is not only someone who has studied Event Management as a subject but has also made it the mainstay of her entrepreneurial career.Business Idea – Vibha believes in doing something that adds an extra dimension to an area where most seem to be aping each other. She says “Solitaire events is specialized in the events like BTL promotions, Mall promotion, Club events, Public relations and related activity, We believe in bringing the ideas of clients to convert into reality. We also specialize in all India tour events and even wedding events”

What sets them apart- Aside from the aforementioned penchant for being specialized and adding personal touches to events they also offer opportunities to free lancers. Vibha states that “Till now more than 600 people have worked with our association as free lancers.”

Her entrepreneurial story – Vibha explains why she likes her job better talking about how her work begins when most others start relaxing. “people who do 9-5 jobs relax as our work mostly starts after 6pm ,even if it is weddings, clients mostly meet once their work gets over.”

If you think that Event management is one big party then try “To work without light and generator in a sangeet party” and see if it does not pose a challenge. Vibha is made for this business and proved it by coming up with an on the spot solution to the power outage. She revealed her ready thinking saying “we made it a dark out party with zig zag lights with torches”

Vibha is an entrepreneur who has found out the hard way that mistakes that are not always your fault. Hers “non-mistake” was “Trusting a fresher, sum supplier by paying them advance amount and they didn’t revert back”

With more than 300 free lancers and 200 associate in different states Vibha is looking to take Solitaire Events nationwide and then international.

Entrepreneurial lesson- Vibha knows that being prepared is half the battle won and advises her compatriots to “Just make your base ready and even research work and get specialized in 1 line rather doing many things”

We hope that Vibha achieves her fullest potential and takes Solitaire Events to new heights. Yourstory wishes her luck and many opportunities in her days of entrepreneurship to comer.


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