Vinay Chaddha, Founder, GVC Systems Pvt Ltd.

4th Feb 2010
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“Innovating for excellence”

Being a professional and innovative with honesty is a rare combination, which can be seen through visions of GVC Systems founder, Vinay Chaddha. With over 29 years of experience of working with electronics and micro controllers, he has a come a long way and has proved his mettle.

GVC Systems Pvt Ltd was incorporated by Vinay Chaddha in 2004. It started commercial operations from April 2006 from Roorkee. GVC Systems is a registered company with Department of Industries in Roorkee, with ISO certification and develops embedded applications for day to day applications like a wide variety of household appliances and even industrial machineries.

Business Idea

GVC Systems are developing products that can add intelligence and reliability to existing designs. They are working on designs and products that are specific to India -- rural as well as urban markets.

Vinay’s Business idea is to use tiny, low cost computers to control household, office and industrial goods. “For instance, a small computer can be produced at less that Rs 200 and sold to a household at Rs 400. This can help the household save electricity of that amount in 2 years time or add convenience or comfort which is worth more than that.” he explains.

“My area of fun and enjoyment is work with low cost tiny size computers. I got my first exposure to them in 1981. I made first computer which can calculate day of the week for any given date, month and year at a very low cost of just Rs 1200/- ....” he states.

He further informs us “Recently I have build a much powerful but small computer at less than Rs 500/- that can switch off and switch on lights depending upon the week of the year and also glow at 50% intensity between 12:00 midnight to 05:00 in the morning.”

He explains that these tiny size and low cost computers though very small are size and cost are intelligent and really power ful. “The program is written in ?C? language and needs all skills as taught in MCA or B.Tech!”

Their business plan is not sell to end customer, but to a manufacturer who is already making products like elevators, bath tubs, water filters etc. They do business by selling complete designs, selling programmed ics (like selling CD with program) and even by selling complete board that can be used in final product.

Target Market

Today, most of the products are getting smaller and efficient. Vinay says “Manufacturing them is possible by using embedded devices in the products. Embedded devices are small tiny size computers with built in software. While you see mobile phones and digital camera and there growing market, there is a very large scope and need for use in all devices used at home or office.”

He further adds, “There are enough opportunities to sell over two crore embedded devices in India. The typical buyers will be middle class urban homes to farmers in villages and even road side vendors or the poor house holds in rural or urban villages.”

GVC Systems makes sure that their innovative product is available to urban sector as well as the rural parts of the country.

Future Plans

Vinay aims at targeting a team of thirty people in next two years in his company.

His vision for the coming years is to increase profits to a crore and to have customers in major states and cities.

Furthermore, with wide use and easy availability of the product GVC System aims to develop products that are unique to India. Vinay says “We shifted to Amity and during last one year, we have heard this word 'SCALING UP'. Well, we have no idea right now, how to scale up. Honestly we are learning about it.... and will soon be quite big!”

Mr. Vinay Chaddha's venture has grown over the years from a one man show to a team of twelve with two offices. “I am targetting a team of 30 in next 2 years.” he adds with a smile.

What sets them apart

Vinay’s strong will power and his determination for never to quit sets him apart from other entrepreneurs. Being different is his nature and thats what drives him to go on and ahead in life.

GVC Systems are developing products that can add intelligence and reliability to existing designs. Vinay adds “Most of the computer software developers work on computers as data processing. We wish to expand that.”

His Entrepreneurial Journey

Totally self funded, Vinay started his career as a service provider and got advance from customers. He says, “During first few years I made money and started GVC Systems Pvt Ltd from own resources. I started as a one man show and had grown to twenty engineers and three offices in 2006.” Incredible indeed!

“An electronic hobbyist who has converted ideas to sellable and profitable products. I get my kicks by doing some thing different and innovative....” says Mr. Chaddha.

Vinays says, “I spent 15 years working in DCM, PCL and Intecon. Even there it was typically 12 hours a day, over 350 days in a year. I was in my office during most of Diwalis and Holis.”

His Biggest challange was in April 2008, when he faced a little low in his business but then soon came out strongly. Vinay adds, “My all assets and cash reserves had crashed. I lost major customers and did not know what to do next.”

Vinay was looking for help when in June 2008, he met Apoorv Sharma from Amity Incubator. “He suggested me to move to Amity Incubator. He arranged for a presentation and in Aug 2008, we shifted to Amity Innovation Incubator. His support and guidance helped me move out of financial loss and by March 2009, I was making money every month.” recalls this hard woring entrepreneur.

Vinay confesses his biggest mistake made as an amateur entrepreneur was working on technical sides and ignoring marketing and networking. Vinay says “Initial success made me arrogant and I did not listen to suggestions.”


Vinay jokes “My daughter recognised my work, when she said her friends are impressed by my resume.” GVC Systems is a registered company with Department of Industries in Roorkee, and they have an ISO certification!

Various exhibitions of their product are displayed at many places around the state.

Tips for budding Entrepreneurs

According to him. being different and innovative helps an individual to mature into a good entrepreneur. Vinay says, “Do what you want to do. Do not follow what others are doing.” He suggests never to give up attitude always helps.

Also, he says that hardships and lows are a part and parcel of the whole journey and one should never get discouraged. 'Just believe in yourself' is his funda!

We wish his hard work and honest attitude brings him unimaginable laurels in the years to come.

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