YS Exclusive : Matthew Clark on Startups, Building Business Ideas and Failure




" DO NOT GIVE UP" is the advice Matthew Clark would give to entrepreneurs. Matthew is the Senior Director ,Start up engagement for the Strategic and Emerging Business Team ,Microsoft and he is part of a team that helps entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into substantial ventures. He stresses on the importance of being passionate about what one believes in and tells entrepreneurs not to be intimidated by failure. Failure is the nature of the business and is part of the learning process.

Speaking exclusively to YourStory, Matthew shares his views about emerging Startup scenario in India and on how he sees a lot of promise in India. He briefly explains about the Bizspark programme through which Startups can get the support,visibility, tools and licenses from Microsoft . He sees this as a great opportunity for Microsoft to partner with some next generation companies . Microsoft being a partner based business they see this as a win-win scenario.

Talking about entrepreneurs he says he has immense respect for entrepreneurs and the hard work they put in. He is of the opinion that passion,creativity and perseverance are key to any successful startup.

Check out the video to get some meaningful information and advise.