Zubin Kutar, Founder, www.WebTrafficROI.com


“Better Blogs and Web Marketing”

If you are looking at bettering your Web Marketing and blogging skills then WebTrafficROI.com definitely deserves a look. Zubin Kutar is the Canada based blogger and internet entrepreneur whose aim is to help you build a successful web business and make money online.

His personal information on his site says “I started WebTrafficROI in June 2008 mainly as a mean to share my experiences and insights on Blogging & Internet Marketing. What I‘ll share with you on this blog is what I have personally learned and experienced to make internet work for me. This blog is dedicated to help bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and companies make their businesses better.”

Business Idea – Zubin blogs about how to blog better, but that is putting it very simply. He states “WebTrafficROI.com is a web marketing blog that helps bloggers and small business enterprises to succeed online ...More at http://www.webtrafficroi.com/about/

What sets WebTrafficROI.com apart- It runs on “Value based content” and makes much of its “income from services like blog design & installation, SEO services”. All in all it has all the tools you need to get a step ahead on the web and give your product the advantage it deserves.

Target Market- The site is aimed at bloggers and entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact online. The success of the concept is in facts and figure which Zubin readily quotes saying “5000 + visitors, 10,000 + pageviews a month ( as per Google Analytics )”

His entrepreneurial story- Zubin is not only an internet entrepreneur but also a professional Web Marketer working for a Top Financial Group in Canada. His desire for leading an entrepreneurial life is aimed at achieving “freedom”.

He says that he should have begun sooner attributing his late start to “Procrastination –should have started earlier”

He believes that as Indians and entrepreneurs our mindset needs an overhaul. He says “The thinking needs to change, Indian society does not value entrepreneurship, corporate jobs are more valued …To be a developed country India needs more entrepreneurs, not managers, not MBAs.”

Future plans- Zubin is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise and announced that “We plan to launch a membership site to teach people web marketing and SEO.”

Recognition gained- Zubin has been voted by Top bloggers as Top internet marketer of 2009



His blog has also featured in the “Top 50 business blogs” by Invesp


His work has also been nominated and ranks among the “Top 100 digital marketers” by Invesp http://www.invesp.com/2009/top-100-marketers-of-2009.html

Currently WebTrafficROI.com Ranks 120th in Ad age’s Top 150 Power Blogs


The recognition by his peers and by Invesp have gone a long way in bolstering his confidence and lending credibility to his work

Entrepreneurial lesson – Zubin believes in being concise and advises his peers to “Believe in yourself… just do it and hang in there”

Yourstory hopes to see Zubin and WebTrafficROI.com at the top of the pile someday and wish him a bright successful year ahead.