9 Indian social enterprises in the 34 Finalists

6th Mar 2010
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The Unreasonable Finalist Marketplace gives the world a chance to weigh in on which 25 social ventures from around the world will be selected to attend the Unreasonable Institute’s mentor-intensive, 10-week, summer incubation program.

The 37 finalists profiled on this marketplace have been selected from an initial pool of 284 ventures from 45 countries and, from our perspective, are working on social ventures that future generation may one day recall as having changed the course of history. The first 25 of these 37 ventures to raise the $6,500 it costs to attend the Unreasonable Institute will be the ones selected to attend. And the decision rests in your hands!

In addition to giving the world a chance to select these 25 high-impact social ventures, the Unreasonable Finalist Marketplace provides finalists the chance to demonstrate their entrepreneurial mettle and to attend the Institute at no cost. By galvanizing hundreds of people around the world to provide them small amounts of sponsorship, finalists prove their ability to get others to believe in them, their team, and their venture and “crowd-source” the funds required to pay for their room and board, mentorship, training, and other program costs at the Unreasonable Institute. Check out the 1-minute video below and the FAQ page to learn a little more about the Unreasonable Finalist Marketplace!

These entrepreneurs could change the world.

By sponsoring them, you can decide which 25 will attend the Unreasonable Institute, where they will receive training, mentorship, and access to capital they need to take flight.

The nine Indian enterprises in the final 34 are listed below click here to sponsor them



by Richa Bajpai

Build & operate decentralized biogas plants based on in house technology for efficient urban organic waste disposal.


by Shabnam Aggarwal

MILLEE develops learning games for teaching English to underprivileged children in India, using low-cost mobile phones.


by Robin Chaurasiya

Empower trafficked girls and sex workers to become catalysts of social change and lead the women’s revolution in India!

Rickshaw Bank

by Dr Pradip Kumar Sarmah

Rickshaw Bank provides bread earning asset and dignity to work with social security to Rickshaw Pullers of India.

Who Gives A Crap(TM)

by Jehan Ratnatunga & Simon G.

Non-profit toilet paper supporting water sanitation projects in the developing world. It's called Who Gives a Crap(TM)

Manthan (Churning of minds and ideas)

by Harsh Agarwal

Manthan aims to organize the unorganized street workers sector in India by using modern management practices and tools

Cogknit Semantics

by Anuroop Iyengar

Lowering barriers to 'Relevant' content access, thus creating positive impact on education in India.

micro Home Solutions

by Tej Dhami (Rakhi & Marco)

mHS makes shelter & housing accessible to poor on their 'unreasonable' terms!!

SWAYAM-Beleiving in Yourself

by Kamir Kartik Kothari

SWAYAM eliminates the financial constraint to education of talented rural students in India by equity based education.



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