Arijit Bhattacharyya, Founder, Virtualinfocom

Not often do you come across such an intresting profile. Meet Arijit Bhattacharyya, who always dreamt of doin something for his country and for the unemployed people. Soon after his school he started giving training to the students of computer science and later on to the students of Btech and BCA. During his studies he excelled in the field of drawing and programming. He started creating games and in 2008 he registered his dream company Virtualinfocom at Kolkata.

Virtualinfocom aims in providing solution to all their customer's needs, wants and desires. They are into gaming , animation and web solutions . For their HR needs they have started training institute , and currently it has students in animation and game development . They give training on game making to mobile game development.

Virtualinfocom is a tried and tested company. They create games for strategy making, advertisements and educational games for children. They have trained over three hundred candidates and all of them are placed in different organizations. They have created a talent pool from where industry can get best people. They have also created a market for some sales persons who can get commission out of selling their products .As a whole approximately four hundred people are using their services and benefits out of it.

“Our experience ensures that you get work done as per your specification, within your deadline and within the fixed budget that we promise you when you sign up!It sounds very straight and simple. But in reality, most companies are unable to deliver on their promise. And that is why we consider this as our winning edge.” says Arijit.

Up until now Virtualinfocom has earned a lot of kudos and appreciation through their commitment towards excellence by offering proactive services. They introduce themselves as one of the leading organizations offerings services for Animation,Games Development, Website Solutions. With lateral thought process, they have been able to offer innovative solutions to our client’s requirements.


Unlike other companies they dont work for money, they work for the smile. “We take candidates from rural Bengal , some times they can't pay us , but the smile we get when they finishes their course , is more than money. We are into a specific area where people are high tech as well , we update our streamline continuously . The best part is, all of our employees are from our own institute .So we know their mind set as well as the requirements.” says Arijit.

So far they have four branches and twenty one employees and they are trying to open their centres in Delhi and Allahabad.

Right from his childhood Arijit wanted to be an entrepreneur. He took it as a challenge and self funded his venture by doing freelancing and giving training to students. Intially he did make mistakes. He says “I am a straight forward person , it's not good for all kinds of clients. I had no idea regarding business and pricing , so in the beginning I made some loss in productions.But then I learned the skill by watching and having discussion with some good entrepreneurs.” says Arijit.

Passion, self confidence and his love for his country drives him to stay buckled in this ride.

Virtualinfocom is creating first Indian epic story based game 'Mahabharata' for mobile platform and online platform. They are already working on to start a portal for start-ups , from where budding entrepreneurs can get tips from the industry leaders.

According to Arijit, money, Skill, knowledge and time are the key challenges that the first generation entrepreneurs face. He advices them to be honest about their limitations and seek out expert advices and support of mentors when needed.

YourStory wishes Arijit Bhattacharyya and Virtualinfocom all the success and wishes to see them growing day by day.


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