BakeSpace : Ultimate online kitchen destination



Gone are the times when you had to ring up your grandma for those delicious recipes you had when you were a kid.

If you think you’re a big foodie, or someone passionate about the kitchen and the multitude of tasty commodities that come out of it, this is your ultimate cyberspace.

BakeSpace is an independent grassroots community created by and for all the avid food lovers. Here, your search does not only end at finding some of the most innovative, creative and delicious recipes, but goes on to posting, searching, and swapping recipes in real-time. There are numerous interesting features offered by this food-dedicated social network like building and customising your own ‘online kitchen’, raiding the ‘virtual pantry’, creating online blogs, meeting and interacting with the other zealous foodies by entering into a first-of-its-kind mentor programme.

This is a free sign-up, totally food dedicated online community. Whether you are planning to start experimenting with your cook side soon, or are already an expert at making people go crazy with your recipes, BakeSpace community is sure to have what you’re looking for.

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