Bishal Lachhiramaka, Founder, Drishti Soft Solutions


Visions of Success!

Bishal Lachhiramaka and his friends when came out of IIT, they could not find many technology companies and hence thought of starting something on their own. The only thing they had was a vision so they named it Drishti. With the vision of being one of the most respected technology companies by bringing together the best people and delivering value for our customers, Drishti is certainly climbing the ladders of success.Drishti is core software Product Company. They have built their expertise in next generation communication applications. From end-to-end conceptualization to marketing the product and selling it, they do it all. Their multi-award-winning customer interaction management solutions for contact centers and enterprises are powering billions of calls across the globe.

They are the proud developers of multiple patent-pending technology platforms. Their communications suites have been appreciated by their customers and recognized by leading industry bodies. With more than four hundred customers, Drishti is growing at a highly satisfying pace. They are adding over fifty customers per quarter to their client base and rolling out product innovations working closely with the clients.

“Our strategy has been to understand the customer needs in the interaction management domain and then adding to the product portfolio making it most adaptable for the market. We aim to leverage on to the first-mover advantage of next gen technology” says Bishal.

So far Drishti has a business presence in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and EMEA with over 400 satisfied customers running inbound, outbound and blended customer processes.

They are built using the latest technological concepts including SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and MDA (Model Driven Architecture). “Our solutions derive tremendous advantage over legacy communications systems. Ours is a multi-tenant, multi-package platform that provides tools for application development and innovations at 20% cost of traditional methods. Leveraging the Ameyo platform, we have achieved breakthrough innovations in telco-grade communication applications across multiple channels”says Bishal.

Till date, they have had primarily two major phases of growth in the past and approaching towards the third.The first phase was around development of carrier-grade services in IN and telecom domain. They were able to invest in a separate team with dedicated focus on product development. Second phase of growth started with success of their first product, DACX Ameyo. They opened offices in India and Philippines.

Drishti’s product portfolio provides a tremendous price - performance advantage over the competition. Since Drishti owns the Intellectual Property rights, they have the flexibility in responding to business complexities. They simplify the business offerings towards customers by providing them extensible and scalable technology for growth. The solution is available as per customers need and taste ranging from Capex, Opex and Rent-to-Own.

For the coming years their focus is on diversifying their markets. They are working closely with customers to add innovations to their product portfolio which would act as differentiators and hence catalysts to help them realize their market expansion plans.

“We are following an effective channel strategy to gain a strong foothold in emerging markets across the globe. We wish to explore broader market horizons through strategic alliances with established ISPs, Telecom Operators and system integrators operating across different geographies. We are aggressively marketing our solutions in APAC, SAARC regions, EMEA and America. We plan to achieve scalability through the success of our marketing plans.” says Bishal.

According to Bishal Entrepreneurship has always been an intresting field. Excitement of new challenges, testing your guts, accepting defeat, learning from the failures and the ultimate taste of success are some of the phases which he went through during his journey. Bishal faced many challenges. His biggest challenge was finding a saleable product idea. Their technology background facilitated product development. But since sales was not their forte, developing a marketable technology became a challenging proposition.

“We started with a plan that we will not invest in product development unless we find exactly what we are certain about selling. We proactively built our expertise in communication applications, a domain where there is immense scope of innovation, and kept ourselves open and flexible for failures and lessons along the path. Our brainstorming sessions continued as a ritual till we were convinced enough where we can deliver differentiators.” recalls Bishal.

And as far as the mistakes are concerned Bishal tells us “We could sell the technology and also won appreciation and respect from our customer base, but the business scalability factor was still missing.

The reason we realized was that our product packaging lacked a sales perspective; this impacted the actual market potential of our solution. As we touched base with industry experts and evaluated our experiences, we could figure out the lack of a sales and marketing centric product packaging. We invested in the right resources and defined a strategy to overcome this and achieved unprecedented success for our first product.”

With the share of many challenges and hurdles Drishti has a long list of achievements and awards.

DACX CCS as their biggest achievement till date. With an initial investment of only $100K, they were able to generate revenues of $1 million within one year of launch of product. Drishti is among the top fifty NASSCOM emerge company and has won many awards.

According to Bishal, in the field of technology, India is yet to be a known source for innovation and quality deliveries. “The key pain points any entrepreneur experiences are procuring the required investment, right human resources, partners and value-add customers. Acceptance of Indian products would come with delivery of quality innovations which we are very much capable of developing. Also a major point we usually omit is - getting the right guidance.” says Bishal. He wants to share his words of advice and says “Create a team first then opportunity. Identify the areas where you can deliver differentiators and then give it your best. Don’t compromise on hard work, smart work is a myth.”

Yourstory wishes Bishal Lachhiramaka and Drishti Soft Solutions all the luck and hopes to see them reach the zenith of success.


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