C2E Technology Labs Pvt. Ltd. : Fast track advertising


Don’t be surprised if you spot a broadcasting message inside a train one of these days while travelling. It is probably because C2E Technology Labs have their innovation into play.

This is a firm started by professionals turned entrepreneurs, who have the zeal to spot opportunities where none existed and give shape to unique business ideas. Technologically armed, C2E technology Labs is the sole proprietor of technologies ensuring broadcast out of unused assets. Giving an example of its forte, imagine watching a movie through a window ‘placed’ on the tunnel walls, while the train moves through the tunnel. This is exactly the kind of technology support this firm provides. The technology consists of two sets of processes

•            A specially designed display box, which facilitates the placing of the images frame by frame, one after the other.

•            Changing images in such a manner that when installed in the displays and watched by a moving audience, they appear moving without any blur or distortions.

The technology created takes care of all the related variables like speed, distance of viewers et cetera, and thereby ensuring high quality.

Such an innovation is now being realised as an alternative to advertising, keeping in mind the Indian audiences.

To know more, log on to http://www.submediaindia.com


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