: Want to go out?


Maintaining contact with friends and relatives in the cyberspace has become easy these days, isn’t it? But how many of those Facebook /twitter friends have you actually hanged out with lately?

Scanty result, huh? This is exactly what Go Tribal helps you with. Started by entrepreneur Shruti Challa with a young founding team, this web based business idea is an online startup that uses technology to bring together people in the real, and not just the virtual world.

Go Tribal’s goal is to facilitate substantial offline interactions among people, by letting them know which of their friends is ‘down to hang out’ at any point of time. The members can set their status indicators, letting their friends know the dates when they’re free to meet and allowing them to arrange for informal get-togethers. Once a group has finalised the plan for an informal meetup, it can further send out invites and coordinate with each other using other social media tools like Facebook/twitter and work out the details.

With the social networking world becoming overly-competitive and virtual with each passing click on the web, Go tribal is one of a kind aimed at bridging the gap between the real and the virtual.

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