Hangvertiser : Look whos in your closet



‘Taking advertising to the next level’ is the tagline of this recent start-up established in India by the German entrepreneur Peter Freislederer who saw the right opportunity for this innovation in the Indian markets.

Hangvertiser, is the new business idea in the field of advertising that facilitates provisioning of advertisements right into the consumer’s closet, on their hangers! These hangers are made up of imported kappa board, making them 100% environment friendly. These eco-friendly hangers are distributed free of cost to select dry cleaners, who, in turn, dissipate these to their customers, thereby facilitating the process of advertising. To those who’re wondering if these hangers are another billboard, they’re highly mistaken. The size and quality of these hangvertisers are ensured according to the Indian markets.

So don’t be surprised if you find a hangvertiser in your closet one of these days!

To know more about this interesting concept, log on to www.hangvertiser.in