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Team YS
28th Mar 2010
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Mobile Developer Conference - Emerging Edition was held on 27th March 2010 in Bangalore at The Hotel Royal Orchid. YourStory being the exclusive online media partner of the events brings you a brief about the event which saw mobile developers discuss and debate the issues that are going to shape the future of mobile application development and programming in India.

The Gold sponsors were OnMobile and Forum Nokia. The silver sponsors were Teleca and MindTree.

The sessions that were held include:

Keynote - "Developers say app, Consumer says experience" by R. N. Prabhakar

A thought provoking talk that examines the ubiquitous use of mobile technology as it shapes today's consumer lifestyle. It presents the key drivers that have led to a surge in the use of mobile applications across work, social media, entertainment and m-commerce. The market for mobile applications is viewed from the perspective of a mobile app developer and a consumer. This talk serves as an excellent food-for-thought for entrepreneurs and business development managers focused on increasing the appeal of their mobile apps amongst their target consumers

"Mobile Applications: The Next Billion Users" by Atul Chitnis

Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our lifestyles, and serve to make life easy, organized, less complicated and fun, for users who may have never used a computer before, or may not want to. But for that to happen, you need applications that take into account the environment and the technologies that these applications need to work with, and the way people expect to use them. This talk highlights these expectations, and the opportunities for developers to address them.

"Porting Applications, Drivers & OS, " by Prashant Zaveri

Building a feature-rich mobile/hardware product is a key to success in competitive product market. How to choose right platform for your product? What are the practical challenges faced when porting platform on to device? This talk aims to navigate through this maze using Android as case study.

"Building Usable User Interface" by Werner Egipsy Souza

Would you design your application differently for your mom or your boss? What's the difference? Let us demystify

"Optimization & Performance Tuning in Mobile Apps" by Raghu Sesha Iyenagar

Phew, Its painfully slow. It takes ages to get it done. Is this what is our application well known for? How can I improve its perception as its amazing fast. Am i making right design decisions for this tiny constraint device? I am too greedy for having everything on my finger tips.

"Mobile Wep Applications & Services" by Lalit Bhise

Thank you web applications & services. You give me all the data I need. Mobile has sweetened it by allowing me to access it from anywhere. What kind of data, applications, services are users really looking for from a web on a mobile phone? How can I leverage cloud computing?

"Nuances of Mobile Advertising Based Apps " by Mohit Saxena & Sandeep Choudhari

Advertisements are getting smarter! They are shown based on the information displayed in your web page. Is that information liked or considered as privacy intrusion? How does it help in generating revenue? Can we make applications free by showing advertisements?

"Automated Mobile App Testing" by Nilesh Maheshwari

Mobile phones, its applications are getting richer day by day. It takes enormous effort to develop new applications, and test in various conditions. This entire process of manual testing is labouros and human error prone. Most important, the time taken to do so. How far can we leverage on automation? How can this be done is a seamless fashion?

"Casual Games on Mobile" by Mukul Joshi

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Gone are the days, when I have to be at a place to play a game. Now, I can play it from my mobile phone whenever & wherever I want. I love playing different games whenever and wherever I am. It is getting more addictive and fun, while at the same time quite educative. The experience is improving overwhelmingly.


"Application Development for Enterprise" by Gurpreet Singh

What constructs an enterprise application? Ability to communicate via email, calls, watch presence, instant messaging, etc. I can also read / update various corporate data. Having access to the data required easily from mobile at a given time enables better productivity. Are there any security concerns gripping enterprise data being accessed from mobile phone?

This was followed by a talk on "A changing paradigm in Mobile Application Space" by Edwin Moses. Edwin Moses joined Teleca from Sasken Communication Technologies where he held several positions, most recently Senior Vice President, working as Head of Handset Solutions Division. Edwin holds a Bachelor of Engineering and is an alumni of Indian Institute of Management -Ahmedabad.

At Sasken prior to heading the Handset Solutions Division, he was Vice President Head of Products Division, and Vice President Head of Global Sales. He brings a wealth of experience to Teleca, including a deep knowledge of growing a global business and more than doubling sales and profitability

This was followed by a Panel Discussion - "Appconomics , Traps for an App"


S.R. Raja


Vadiraj Aralappanavar

Varun Krishnan

Vaideeswaran Sethuraman

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Viswanath Ramachandran

All in all it was an event in which the best minds in the field of mobile code development assembled and talked about the topics that corcerned them the most. This event was the brainchild of Mobile Monday Bangalore.


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