Naresh Kumar Bhagat, Founder, LeLogix Design Solutions


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From the very begining Naresh was passionate about creating an organization of his own. This passion and enthusiasm of his resulted in inception of his dream company LeLogix Design Solutions. With the goal of efficiently and economically fulfilling design engineering needs, with expertise and experience of years, LeLogix Design Solutions has established as a quality and cost effective outsourcing company.

They are the providers of engineering design solutions using CAD/CAM/CAE software. Their services include project services like Product Design, 3D modeling, 2D detailing, Reverse engineering and FEA. Training in the area of Mechanical Engineering and design and staffing/ recruitment of mechanical design engineers are also some of the services that LeLogix Design Solution provides. Automotive, White goods and Engineering industries benefit from their services.

Naresh started his company with an office in Greater Noida with just one employee but now not only they have a team of ten employees but also they have an office in USA and Germany. But like every other venture it was not a cake walk for Naresh. He had a share of many hurdles and hiccups. The biggest challenge for him was to take care of different functions of his business. To overcome this Naresh is in search of partners who can share his dream, work and revenue. LeLogix Design Solution was self funded by him and till date he is very confident and cannot recall any mistakes. He just says "I dont really knowif I made any mistakes. I am just thankful for whatever I have accomplished."

In the coming future Naresh wishes to have a team base of fifty employees and take his organization to newer level. As far as achievements go Naresh says “When there were less Design projects in the market, we concentrated more on Training business. This helped us a lot in gaining ground.

According to Naresh the biggest achievement for his organization has been its ability to chart a sustained growth despite the economic recession that proved to be catastrophic for mini venture like his.

In his concluding lines for Yourstory, Naresh signs off by saying “Infrastructure and support from government are the key challenges that the Indian entrepreneurs face but if you want to be entrepreneur, don’t join a job to get experienced. The best way is to start as early as possible.”

YourStory wishes Naresh Kumar Bhagat and his LeLogix Design Solutions all the success and hopes to see them conquer throughout their journey.


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