Nisha Jamwal offers a frank review of Lakme Fashion Week 2010 in a no holds barred conversation with Yourstory

Nisha Jamwal

Lakme Fashion Week – Summer Resort – 2010 has come and gone but the preparation for the next season is already underway. A lot of industry pundits feel that the LFW is losing its charm, its sense of purpose and its lustre after this year’s showing. Is the dissension among the ranks of the fashionable a signal portending towards the downfall of the one of the best Fashion Shows in the country? journalist Nitesh - finds out more from Nisha Jamwal (Celebrity fashion designer & Columnist) who voiced her insightful opinions on the issue

For the non observer and “fashion unconscious” Nisha summed up what has been the general trend at LFW “The format of the show has remained the same for the last few years however lots of good designers have walked out over time. The reason being the break-up between the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and Lakme, which have caused huge losses for the designers, buyers, Indian fashion circles”, Nisha describes.

What do you feel has changed in the show?

Lakme Fashion Week has become more of a social event for the society presenter rather than a business platform. Frankly, I have no idea now how much business takes place! The charm is waning!”

Is this an opinion that others share?

“For the India Fashion Week, as per some fashion industry observers in place of the Lakme Fashion Week, Wills Lifestyle is said to be more serious, less central in its decision making and more objective in its approach.”

Where has LFW been failing in its purposes?

If we compare LFW with international fashion weeks like those of Milan, New York then we sense that it’s more business and more matter of fact in its approach abroad with not much additional Hype which only tends to detract from the objective.

"But I would like to agree on that the Young Fashion designers are promoted well in LFW, along with female designers.”

What can LFW do to stop their downward slide?

“LFW needs to be less centralized and must be driven by a group rather than one single person. It should not be ruled, it should be governed. LFW needs to be organized in a more democratic way.”

“LFW needs to lose its pre-judgmental stance and should be without vested interests with any one particular person but a large governing body.”


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