Pranav Verma, Founder, Vantage Integrated Security Solutions

Team YS
27th Mar 2010
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Securing your world!

In this era of terror and crime a good security system is very important to protect your family, house and business. Pranav Verma is young entrepreneur who believes that his venture Vantage Integrated Security Solutions understands safety and security needs and provides a comprehensive range of products and services. YourStory had a conversation with Pranav Verma where he spoke about his venture and his entrepreneurship inclination.

Tell us something about Vantage Security Solutions.

Vantage Security is one of the leading manufacturer, distributor and system integrator of electronic security and surveillance products in India. Having incorporated in the year 1990, with over nineteen years of hard earned experience in the electronics industry, Vantage boasts of its industrial competence with specialized high performance technology and state-of-the-art equipment required towards security and surveillance.

Tell us about your network and the clients you serve.

We have a wide client base of over 100,000 end users through our direct projects and channel partners. And we recently got two big projects for prestigious religious shrines- The Golden Temple and Shri Sai Baba Mandir Complex, Shirdi, having a combined order value of ten crores.

Where is your base and how many team members are you?

With two of the company’s main production facilities on an approximate 20,000 square feet area in Noida, and offices in Delhi and Ludhiana, we are proud to state that team Vantage comprises of close to one hundred and thirty hardworking professionals. With a nation-wide distribution network of over three hundred channel partners with full commitment towards highest quality security solutions, support and competitive pricing, we have established ourselves as a strong player in the industry, serving the security needs of people across India.

What according to you makes you different from your competitors?

Unlike our competitors who either our in the distribution business or system integration. We have two different verticals and have excelled in both dimensions. 'Distribution Vertical' through which we distribute the products manufactured by us through our three hundred channel partners across India and 'Projects Vertical' through which we provide turnkey projects and solutions to corporate, government, PSU and Defense Sector.

Why Entrepreneurship and why not a regular job?

I always enjoy the risks involved in the business. It gives you a different kind of high. I have always had the entrepreneurship spirit in me and was never into 9-5 job. Vantage gives me a lot of self satisfaction and according to me that is what everybody aims for.

Did you make mistakes as an amateur Entrepreneur?

Several. Its very hard to point the biggest one, but I think its part and parcel of your job and you never stop learning from it.


What has been the biggest challenge for you and Vantage in your entrepreneurial journey?

The biggest challenge for us was managing the shirking-oriented India work force and motivating them to work towards our goals and visions, however we overcame it through better remunerations, better incentives and improved organization culture.

What is in the future of Vanatge Security Solutions?

We have added new verticals including a software division for in-house application development related to the security and automation industry and a strategic tie-up with the Ministry of Defense, India for a transfer of technology of Explosive Detection Kit . The EDK is a patented technology developed by Defense R&D Organization and Vantage has acquired the technology for commercialization and mass production within India and for global Exports. And we are working on increasing the brand value of the company through high profile projects, expansion of branch offices nationwide in India and target of 100% growth.

How has the journey of your venture been?

It has definately been a successful journey. Employees have grown from 3 to 125. Branches haven’t had the same trajectory as our business model is such that we mostly operate through channel partners. However in the coming financial year we will have branches in all metros of India.

Any big moments for Vantage?

I would have to say the recent projects of prestigious religious shrines – Shri Darbar Sahib (The Golden Temple), Amritsar, Punjab and Shri Sai Baba Mandir complex , Shirdi are the biggest moments so far. The biggest recognition is a list of satisfied clientele giving you repeated business. Big or small or repeated order from the same organization speaks a lot about the company, its services and brand image.

Last but not the least what do you think is lacking in whole entrepreneurship system and what tips would you like to give to the first generation entrepreneurs?

Lazy, non-learning and shirking attitude of employees, vendors, suppliers, buyers, the whole process chain is I think the biggest challenge to overcome. One can only succeed with strong faith and belief in one self. There will always be mistakes and you will learn from them. There is no end to the learning process for a good entrepreneur. And yeah an exit strategy is a must.

YourStory wishes Pranav Verma all the luck on his venture and hopes to see an exponential growth throughout.

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