Singer Chinmayi: “I am living my dream”


Come Women’s Day. It is celebration time for us to celebrate women who made a difference. There could no one better to talk to than Chinmayi, the melodious voice of South Indian cinema. An award-winning playback singer who had a dream debut in her singing career through a number for Kannathil Muthamittal (a Mani Ratnam film) whose music was scored by the iconic music director, twin Oscar and twin Grammy winner, A.R. Rahman draws inspiration from her mother.She is an entrepreneur (heading the company Blue Elephants in the translation services space), voice-over artiste (the voice of many Tamil heroines), master of ceremonies, and an RJ. Success is yet to come, in her view. She candidly answered queries from Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist of YourStory, on Women’s Day.


Experience as a woman in the film industry and in the singing career…

I think we have slowly come out of the typecasting of a woman having advantages/barrier because of being one. I am not sure if the question holds true in most professions today. I have always wanted to be a playback singer and I am living my dream. And success is hard in any industry in my opinion. I am not sure what your parameters for success are, but I would not call myself completely successful, not yet.

How do you manage your singing schedules with your company (Blue Elephant) work?

There is no methodology or a modus operandi that I follow. I have wanted to and I do it. As long as the inclination is there I think anyone will do anything. And if there is none, nothing can be done.

What is the status of women in society according to you?

Again, I think most people, women or men don't really follow what they truly want to in life. And here again, being a woman or a man does not matter. I read Margaret Thatcher's quote somewhere, that being powerful is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, then you aren't. Women are an integral part of the society. And that is the way it has been for aeons together.

We know your mother is your inspiration. Any memorable anecdote you would want to share with us about your mother.

There are way too many. She is the reason for where I am today and there is a lot that she has sacrificed to see me where I am today and she continues to do so. Perhaps you should be able to see some anecdotes on my blog. (She blogs at

Message to women on women’s day

I don't know if I am there yet to give "messages" to women or anyone at all.

As always modest, Chinmayi has carved a space for herself in Tamil cinema through her beautiful voice. We thank Chinmayi for talking to us on Women’s Day and wish her many more successes.