State of the media democracy - India



A generational ‘reality check’

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practice at Deloitte today announced the results of the first ‘State of the Media Democracy Survey – India’. The survey could be repeated on an annual basis.

The ‘State of the Media Democracy Survey – India’ provides a generational ‘reality check’ on how consumers are interacting with technology, purchasing products, and responding to advertising, and what they want in the future. The results of the survey reveal insightful information which will be useful for virtually all sectors of the business world including to the enterprises in the advertising world.

The survey focused on consumers between the ages of 14 and 69 within various age buckets.

The survey was commissioned by Deloitte and was fielded in late 2009 by a renowned Research Firm and covered cities in Tier I and II categories. Apart from the Metro cities the other cities covered were Bangalore, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Patna, Surat and Indore. A combination of upper and middle class people were surveyed in the aforesaid cities by way of face-to-face interviews.

The survey provides keen insights on dozens of evolving trends and detailed data on issues ranging from advertising effectiveness and mobile adoption to social media and internet usage. The results from the survey provide critical insights which can help business enterprises make smart, well-timed business decisions and investments.


* The younger generations (below 25 years) are strong drivers of the latest media trends today

* The younger generations are most active when it comes to internet.

* On a global average television, followed by newspaper, internet and radio form the top media which have an impact on consumers

* Cell phones, television, DVD players and radio form the top four media equipments owned by the masses.

* The mobile phone is the preferred media used to play games followed by the computer

* Features like advanced GPS and 3D movies and games are the technology trends eagerly awaited by the young.


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