Wharton and HCT Global Entrepreneurship 2010 Conference


The third HCT Global Entrepreneurship 2010 Conference (E2010) will be held in Dubai from 9-10 March 2010. This conference will explore the many aspects of entrepreneurship through seminars, workshops and plenary addresses, focusing on themes such as government policy and regulation, the role of industry and venture capital, the impact and influence of technology, and the critical role of academia.

The conference’s objectives include:

  • To create awareness of the impact of entrepreneurship on national development
  • To connect entrepreneurs with potential customers, funding sources, and locating resources for the success of their ventures
  • To help regional economies and countries develop entrepreneurial frameworks for economic development and global competitiveness, driven primarily by private enterprises
  • To influence national and regional policy towards fostering entrepreneurship in the private sector.

The Kauffman Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress will take place in conjunction with this Global Entrepreneurship 2010 Conference. The congress will bring together Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) hosts from 87 countries to share ideas from the 2009 Week and begin preparations for GEW 2010.

The conference will also host the inaugural CERT|Wharton Entrepreneurial Planning and Innovation Competition (EPIC) finals, including the competitors’ formal presentations before a panel of distinguished judges.


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