Anand Agarwal, Founder, Sensible Softwares Pvt. Ltd.


Software that can take care of your productivity

There are times when I wish that Technology would just take care of every worrying niggling detail of my work life that hampers my productivity. In truth that must happen a lot for entrepreneurs who must be looking for a fast sensible solution to their day to day problems. Anand Anand Agarwal a Young Indian entrepreneur (along with his co partners cum friend Nitin and Vishwajeet) has the sensible answer with Sensible Softwares. As an example of the kind of work they do have a look at the first of his many business ideas to come.Yourstory had a quick Q& A session with Anand to learn more about him and Sensible Softwares

What kind of software does Sensible Softwares create? What is its use and effects?

Sensible Softwares has its genesis in our passion to create software that helps improve the life of anyone who uses it. We undertake to increase productivity of anyone who uses our software.

Doing obvious/day to day tasks will be easy. At the same time, you will retain the options to decide how to execute complex, advance functions when needed.

In addition, you have our undertaking that you will never be locked in when using our software. We would rather prefer that you stay on with us because you choose our way of working and not because of any compulsion or lock-in. If for some reason you decide to opt out of our association, you will not only be able to do so at will, you will also have our active support and co-operation in your migration.Do you have any software products that are available in the market?

At Sensible Softwares we intend to focus on developing software products which will be simple & effective for our customers. It should increase the productivity of anyone who uses our software. Currently we have released our first product BootStrapToday ALM application on SaaS model. BootStrapToday is Simplified Project Management application for small to medium software companies who would like to focus on their core ideas rather than spending time on setting up infrastructure to manage their projects. BootStrapToday with simple interface & intuitive design lets our customers to get started immediately, offloading setting up project management infrastructure, maintenance, upgrade, backup (Non Core Activities) responsibility onus.

How does your software score over similar offerings from competitors?

With our application we are not just focusing on features, rather we are focused on overall experience of the customer.

Our application is simple & intuitive to use.

With later releases we intend to provide end to end solution to our target customers.

What sort of growth does Sensible Softwares want for itself?

We have required infrastructure in place to scale up as we have hosted our application on Cloud Server. As we grow we will keep on adding more value for our customer in the same Product.

We have recently released our product. We have seen overwhelming response from people. We expect to see steady growth for the first year & from next year onwards we hope to see growth accelerating. Currently we are 5 people working for Sensible Softwares. 3 of us are partners & 2 employees. We hope to hire few more developers in a few weeks time.

What is your take on entrepreneurship and its challenges?

Being an entrepreneur was always my aspiration. I think it’s in my blood. The Biggest challenge we have been facing & still facing is hiring good people to work with us.

Every day is a new challenge for us. Every day we have new learning. The Desire to overcome these challenges keeps us going.

What kind of recognition do you value most?

Customer satisfaction. Initial recognition for us has come from satisfied customers who have shown faith in us.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind as an entrepreneur?

Stay focused, there will be hard times but keep going. Focus on the better side of it.

What do you feel is an Indian Entrepreneurs’ biggest challenge?

Biggest challenge I feel is getting right kind of people to work in Startups as salaries are limited.

Yourstory hopes that the potential in Anand and Sensible Softwares makes it big. We wish him many happy years of creating “Sensible software” and much success from it.


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