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Grahan Chronicles –Peace through Music”

It is surprising how one’s life can take a different path at any given time. Not many would expect a B.B.A. to morph into a DJ but that’s what happened to Indrajeet Jadeja. When he is not busy laying down a mix Indrajeet is quite the entrepreneur. He is the founder of “Grahan Chronicles”, Indrajeet told us more saying “It's a live act which includes Me and my friend “Boomshanker” from Sydney, Australia. We do live sets and produce/remix tracks for clients/record label.”Yourstory got Indrajeet to reveal more about himself and his entrepreneurial journey with music in his own eclectic style.

How would you describe what you are doing right now with “Grahan Chronicles”?

A musician in search of peace and wants to serve peace through music-That is the story of a DJ from Vadodara who became associated with a friend “Boom Shanker” and started a company called ‘Grahan Chronicals’. Indrajeet Jadeja got associated with Boom Shanker and together they produce tracks which sounds like two forms clubbed together.

Grahan chronicles is an amalgamation of two different schools of sounds. I have a dark and twilight touch to my sets while Boomshanker has a euphoric morning feel to his tracks. Together we produce sounds which have the right mix of both elements. Our sound cannot be defined or contained in any one genre. It’s a mix of ethnic, progressive, tech/minimal and inspired from artists as varied as Ustad Fateh Ali khan to Vangelis.

We like to describe it as the voice of the sun, the moon, of the sky, the sea, the forests, the birds, the animals and every single thing protected by Mother Gaia. Music is like a weapon against anarchy, injustice and destruction, and we believe musicians are Gaia's soldiers against the chaos spread across the world. They will keep spreading the peace vibe through their music, taking inspiration from all the small beautiful things surrounding us.

How big do you think your kind of music can grow?

The Scope is endless. Indian electronic music scene is still at an infant level. Having entered the scene at this level and releasing albums with quality music, ensures a following and cult status in the future of Indian music scenario.

What sets you apart from the hordes of DJ’s that are around the world?

Our USP is our sound. The amalgamation of Asian Ethnic sounds with Sharp Techy/Progressive feel to it hasn’t really been explored properly. We already have a hit single release which has been aired on Local and International Fm stations, and have a few releases already in the pipeline. We also have a series of gigs lined up all over the country. So basically our business model is production, giving hits, and then traveling to play all over the country and world.

What is the next step for you and Grahan Chronicles?

We are planning to set up a studio by the end of this year, hire more musicians and talented artists and promote them. At least a couple of Albums and an International tour.

Why did you choose to make and market your own music as an entrepreneur?

Independence. I have tried the 9 to 5 job for a few days, but it never worked for me; I am allergic to authority and have an eccentric creative window. I can only work when I feel like it, but I am also a workaholic and don't sleep for days at ends until we finish the track or the set.

Why did you choose to be a DJ? Was it easy to get acceptance and an audience?

Well, I never did this for the money, and have rigid principles on the sort of music I play, so there were times when I was very short of resources, I have walked miles and miles for meetings, have borrowed friend's laptops to burn cd’s, traveled on top of buses. The only way to overcome it is to overcome it. Just plain hardwork, without expecting anything out of it. I have done my part and I am glad it's paying off now. I along with Boomshanker always wanted to see Gujarat amongst the top in the electronic music scenario and we have people like Bandish project to look upto, who have worked for the same cause. When you have a dream like that, you are bound to overcome the odds. Money simply follows.

What is a mistake you have made that others should learn from?

When you have worked too hard to attain something, you often celebrate too soon. I have done that in the past and will make sure I don't do it again.

How did you finance “Grahan Chronicles”?

Production is an extremely expensive profession as my fellow producers would agree, where any single piece of equipment comes in Lakhs. We had the support of our Record label, Chill Om Records, who believed in us and helped us out, along with a few friends around us. We were fortunate to have believers.

Have you found mainstream acceptance for your music?

We have been interviewed by the times and other dailies and have a few more lined up. Our tracks get played on International Fm stations as well.

Did you ever feel that your entrepreneurial aspirations were not worth it?

Being responsible for my family, there were times when I did feel guilty of making them got through hard times because of my principles and I did feel like getting a regular job for their sake, but fortunately my persistence did pay through and I don't think I’ll be doing that anymore.

What really excites you about your business and “Grahan Chronicles”?

The high of beating the odds, making something out of minimum of resources, of knowing that you shouldn't be here, but you are. Working hard, knowing that you are working for yourself. There's nothing quite like it.

Do you have any other claim to fame aside from music?

Well I once won a Gulab jamun eating competition in college, if that's what you mean. I ate 56 jamuns in the competition.

What according to you is the essence of successful entrepreneurship?

Life is totally based on luck. But, Luck is directly proportionate to the hard work u do to be in a position for u to be lucky. Belief and hard work without expectations can beat any odds. Trust me.

We hope to hear more of and about “Grahan Chronicles” in the days to come. We wish Indrajeet Jadeja success and inspiration in his music and his entrepreneurship and thank him for his time.


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