Entrepreneurship in India #2 : About faith - Alban Leveau-Vallier


This is a guest post by Alban Leveau-Vallier of Socialter.This is the second post of Socialter Series on entrepreneurship in India.The aim of Socialter is to spread the good ideas using social media. As they travel, they spot interesting social entrepreneurs and then they write about them on the blog, make video about them, and spread their word and their good ideas through facebook and twitter. They also offer to advise them on the use of social media.The most important thing when you are an entrepreneur is to believe in your project. It is a matter of faith : the company, the product, the employees may not exist yet but you must believe that your project will work and that it will make money. A business plan is only conjectures and assessment, no certitude. But if you don't have an absolute faith in the potential of your product, then why risking your time and your money in developing and selling it?

Indian people seem to be very religious. Nearly everybody has a religion and nobody jokes with it. The scandal on Taroor's phrase about sacred cows on twitter shows that. Moreover, it looks like people have an ability to believe : they believe in their god(s), but they also believe in themselves, in their guru, and in what they do.

That may explain why so many people in India are entrepreneurs. What is more, that may explain why a lot of them are successful: they believe in what they do, and they manage to convince more people to believe in their projects. Thus they can find associates, employees, investors, clients... We need everybody to believe in the project to make it happen.

Indian entrepreneurs can make the people believe in them. They not only have associates and employees, they have disciples. That is why I will talk about why Indian entrepreneurs are gurus next week.

And you, do you have an absolute faith in your project?