Floodgate Launches Investment Fund Using Interactive Wall


SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Floodgate Fund, a leading Menlo Park angel investment firm founded by Mike Maples, Jr., used an innovative socially interactive wall created by Snibbe Interactive to launch their new brand at the historic Flood Mansion in San Francisco last month.

“We wanted to celebrate our launch by showcasing the world class entrepreneurs we have had the privilege of working with. It was important to put forth this brand message to the high profile entrepreneurs and investors who came to our event. Given our involvement in digital media and high tech entrepreneurship, making this a visual and interactive experience was critical,” says Ann Miura-Ko, Partner in Floodgate.

Floodgate commissioned Snibbe Interactive to create a customized InfoTiles SocialScreen interactive projection for attendees to browse information, turning Floodgate’s branding message into a social interactive game. When people flip over virtual tiles they learn about Floodgate’s investments in companies such as Twitter and Digg, as well as learning about Floodgate’s team and philosophy. And because of the large scale of the interactive display, many people could interact with the screen at once.

“We couldn’t have found a better way to get a brand message across in a social setting. The interaction conveyed our brand message directly from the display to the attendees, allowing me to focus on the high level interactions with our guests,” says Ann Miura-Ko.

Snibbe Interactive’s CEO, Scott Snibbe says, “Some of the world’s top brands are purchasing our unique social solutions for face-to-face marketing. With an interactive wall, people are excited to explore all of the information a company wants to convey, because the experience is social, physical, and fun. We’re seeing more and more of the world’s top brands using interactive displays for special events like Floodgate’s, and in trade show, retail, and corporate settings.”

Ann Miura-Ko said, “I would definitely use a SocialScreen again for an event like this, and we’re already talking to Snibbe Interactive about installing an interactive wall permanently in our new office space.”


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