Freelancer API Competition announced with over US$30,000 in prizes


The world's largest outsourcing site,, has just released FreelancerAPI, the world's first programming interface for tasking humans to perform sophisticated tasks.

Futurist and Scientists hypothesise about a coming technological singularity; a point in time in the future where it is believed that man-machine intelligence will explode, accelerating technological progress at a rate so quickly that the future will be radically different from today. So different, that as mere mortals, limited by the human brain, we cannot even comprehend this future.

Whether or not the singularity will eventuate, man and machine became closer today with the launch of the FreelancerAPI. For over 60 years, humans have programmed computers through software. This API, for the first time, provides a sophisticated programming interface for humans, for use by software. This API allows software for the first time to send sophisticated and complex tasks such as real engineering or problem solving to humans, retrieve the results and pay for the completed work.

Your challenge is to use FreelancerAPI to create some incredible applications


In FreelancerAPI, Freelance has enabled the full functionality of through an easy to use programming interface. Never before has software been able to task humans to perform work. Now it can. We're looking for the best programmers in the world to create amazing new applications upon this programming interface. In addition to the US$10,000 grand prize, there are four prizes of US$5,000 in separate categories to win! These categories are:

  • Most Innovative
  • Best Fully Automated Application
  • Best Port or Plugin
  • Best Toolkit, Library or Suite.

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