launched to enable enterprises & individuals co-create & collaborate to Innovate


Putting the theory of co-creation & collaborative innovation to practice - we are proud to announce the launch of, which we call as a beginning of shifting 'the power of social media from instant gratification to sustainable value creation'.

Every enterprise has innovation as one of the top priorities; however 9 out of 10 enterprises face challenges in innovation management - be it ability to co-create with customers, utilizing employee talent or tapping into the global pool of talent, and thus not able to achieve the innovation objective. To address this challenge, enterprises are increasingly embracing open innovation, co-creation and collaborative innovation.

Collaborative innovation takes place when one starts to leverage unknown or unnamed sources of ideas, solutions & knowledge along with the known and named sources. The basic intention is to increase the chances of problem-to-solution match by increasing the solver base dramatically. Enterprises need to source the diversity of talent, tap into the wisdom of crowds and reach out to the underutilised talent sources. While most of the enterprises understand the power of collaborative innovation, the means to achieve the same on a continual basis and on a wide scale is not available.

ideaken addresses this very problem. ideaken, a software as a service platform, is powered by innovation centric collaboration techniques, best practices & processes bundled into one single service conducive for co-creation, open innovation and collaborative innovation. With pay as you go and pay only for positive outcome, ideaken platform allows enterprise fulfil their innovation needs at a fraction of the cost and with far lesser risk. Enterprises can implement the platform exclusive to them, optionally with their own branding.

ideaken offers a unique opportunity for the individual innovators in the form of reward and recognition, but most importantly it provides an outlet for the intellect and passion to make a difference. ideaken believes that there is an innovator in each of us, creative people are collaborative, and collaborative innovation needs a platform.

Started by a group of ex-Wiproites, ideaken boasts of many firsts in the area of co-creation, open innovation and collaborative innovation, and in providing innovation marketplace as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

If you need more information on how you can enable co-creation, open innovation or collaborative innovation for your enterprise or how you as an individual can be an innovator, then you must check out Collaborative innovation concept video can be viewed at

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About ideaken:

ideaken enables enterprise innovation seekers to collaborate to innovate with the global pool of talent, research vendors, academia or with the employees and co-create with customers. ideaken enables individuals like you & me to collaborate to innovate in return of reward and recognition, but mostly for intellectual satisfaction & the passion to make a difference.


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