“Inside Business Report” show to feature New Series, "Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century"


The producers of "Inside Business Report" are pleased to announce a special series, Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, highlighting the spirit of enterprise in today's competitive business environment. The show marries an unrivaled host, Fred Thompson, with a team of award-winning producers, and provides viewers new information that will impact their lives.

Americans have seen many changes that have altered the economic and political environment, both nationally and globally. But one thing has not changed: the importance of entrepreneurs. The foundation for America’s economic and political well-being depends on unhindered opportunities; opportunities to gain leadership and bring new products and services to the marketplace in the United States and abroad.

Regardless of the industry or beginning size of the business, there is opportunity still in good ideas, and in fulfilling the "American Dream". Founders of new businesses play a vital role in creating employment and real output, and their innovations produce new ventures and jobs.

In this "Inside Business Report" series, we’ll learn what defines a 21st Century entrepreneur. We’ll discover the challenges they face, and the tools and resources they use to attain entrepreneurial success.

"Inside Business Report" identifies business-to-business stories for television and Internet content, and educates viewers on a wide-variety of emerging concepts. As a powerful engine of change, "Inside Business Report" broadens perspectives, erases boundaries and opens up new avenues for progress. With fresh content interlaced throughout each series, viewers will gain insight on opportunities for their families, businesses, lifestyles, and financial futures. For more information, please visit www.IBReporttv.com


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