Join the Chatter Developer Preview


Salesforce Chatter lets you extend or build applications in the cloud, enhanced with a suite of collaboration features. With Salesforce Chatter, your users and data can provide a stream of live updates, enhancing your applications. As a developer, you will be able to leverage Chatter technologies in your own applications, including profiles, status updates and feeds, and other aspects of the platform.

Join, and you'll be provided with access to two environments:

  1. The Chatter Dev Zone is a shared environment for the entire Chatter Developer Preview Community, including key insiders. You’ll automatically be given a distinct log-in to this Chatter environment where you can keep up-to-date on Chatter and post your comments and questions; follow other community members, update your profile, update your status and view some of the applications we've built on Chatter.
  2. Your own Developer Edition environment with Chatter enabled. Use this to develop your own Chatter applications.

Space is extremely limited in this developer preview.

Register now—and we'll see you on Chatter!


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