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A metropolis like Bangalore is teeming with passionate people who are frustrated due to the lack of avenues for expression and discussion. For all the hype and hoopla, online forums, offline cliques have all failed in this because they miss the seriousness of a business offering and therefore offer the seeker no guaranteed satisfaction or special experience. In all their exchanges and interactions, these set of elite people face mostly politics, pressure of maintaining an image and lack of stimulation.

La Bordello (The Brothel in Spanish) is a unique and revolutionary venture that is sprouting in Bangalore. For the first time in the world, it offers an exclusive service that titillates and satisfies the intellect - Tailor-made conversations. At La Bordello, you get access to an elite set of conversational experts called Tookers (you better learn these terms - these are part of an emerging language called Tookish) who are trained in the art of conversation and have the burning fire of passion in their belly. They are not mere experts in their areas of interest, but mad people who live their interests. They are ingrained with the philosophy of La Bordello which revolves around 'Openness of thought and stimulation of the intellect'.

La Bordello will operate in a closed mode for a few months to finish its beta. In this time, Teekers (Talk Seekers) can register themselves via the website, talk to us so that we understand their needs and personality, get qualified and book conversations with us.

We have a partnership with Little Italy, the ristorante at Koramangala to make our conversations complete with a pleasant and classy lunch or dinner. We have a blanket charge for the whole conversation, covering the intellectual and the epicurean services.

While this is La Bordello's nascent offering, we have a bigger plan. More than a business idea, La Bordello is a social experiment. La Bordello's attempt is to find out if people can bend their minds and derive varied pleasure from the intellect, the same way they derive sensory pleasure by tasting different foods. We wish to be that catalyst which takes the human race to the next level where thoughts can be bent and forged into different objects for our pleasure. To this effect, a whole gamut of other services are in the pipeline.

La Bordello will be launched on April 20th at Little Italy, Koramangala in a pleasant evening party which is strictly by invite only. Carlsberg has kindly agreed to be our beer sponsor for the evening. Celebrities like Pooja Gandhi, Kavitha Lankesh, Violin Maestro Kumaresh, etc will grace the occasion. We will be releasing various promotional material and original artworks in the launch. The invitee list includes the cream of the society from different walks of life like entrepreneurship, arts, literature and professional services. We do have a few invites still open for interested readers of YourStory. They can write to us at and obtain the same.

To sum it up, we leave you with La Bordello's vision.

Vision - To lead mankind to the next evolutionary level in areas of aesthetics and intellect. To kindle and direct the society to explore new avenues of sophisticated pleasure that does not arise from necessity but from curiosity.

About the founders

Agnibarathi aka Sriram is a guy who should have studied natural languages as opposed to computer languages. Interested in poetry, music and bad puns, he spent most of his career reading books hidden slyly under his office desk. He has survived 7 years by jumping companies just before his inefficiency was found out. He dreams of staging his own play someday and thereby offending as many people as possible simultaneously.

Vidyaramanan aka Gollum is a confused chap. He started out with a degree in physics, then fiddled with gadgets and software for Chip (currently Digit), the computer magazine, moved into a myriad of fields before ending up in that field where his confusion was best suited - advertising. He spends most of his spare time drooling at photos of SLR cameras shot with SLR cameras and hopes to die climbing the Mount.Everest.


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