OCC Bangalore Business Meet: Focused Meet on Software-as-a-Service & Platform-as-a-Service


This meet is open to:

SasS, PaaS Start-Ups: Entrepreneurs & EmployeesSaaS, PaaS SME Companies: Entrepreneurs & Key Employees Aspiring Entrepreneurs in this SpaceBusiness & Technology Consultants in this Space Professional

Service(s) Companies wanting to build On-line tools / SaaS Companies / individuals who want to either work / partner with SaaS, PaaS Companies or want to pitch in their services to SaaS, PaaS Companies

The agenda (can be tinkered slightly):

SaaS, PaaS - Past, Present & Future - Business & Technology Aspects Killer innovations - Possible or NotPain Areas - Attendees / audience to voice out Formal Sales PitchesClosed Room Discussions (if attendees want) Followed by Snacks, Beverages and Conversations

Demos: To facilitate the above discussions; some of the participants may want to show demos, etc. 

Paid: To maintain the seriousness of this

gathering, it will be a paid meet. INR 200.00 per participant.

Wolf Frameworks (http://www.wolfframeworks.com) will be the host for this


WOLF is a Cloud based Platform-as-a-Service that helps you design, deliver and use Software as a Service (SaaS) applications using only a web browser. The framework helps professionals and businesses to focus on application innovation, rapid speed to market and continuous enhancement rather than writing routine technical code and managing the infrastructure behind it. WOLF greatly reduces the barrier to convert an idea or business process into an online web application by offering:

Prebuilt SaaS Architecture that handles multi-tenancy, scalability, provisioning, etc.

Code-Free Design Framework that enables rapid development of robust applications.

WOLF is excited to support Enthusiastic OCC SaaS, PaaS Meet Participants (& OCC Bangalore Members) with the following:

(a) Access to 25 users WOLF account for 90 days – FREE (SaaS start-ups can build-test and even start pilot process for customers without incurring any cost).

(b) Invitation to register and attend WOLF Developer Orientation program. This program gets participants hands-on familiarity in developing web applications rapidly using WOLF.

(c) Access the “Help a Customer” event. This intensive event invites customers to throw their requirements and potential WOLF competent developers to work side by side to address the challenge on a one day session. The event is open to all OCC members who are open to learn and complete the WOLF Application Developer exercise successfully.

(d) Bid for customers projects and work independently as a partner.

Note: The above program goes live during the OCC meet and from

there on. The Single Point of Contact from Wolf will be Pradeep Pai. All requests will be routed via OCC Help Desk: Vaibhav or myself. Thanks!

Here are the OCC Meet co-ordinates:

Date: 08 May 2010 Day: SaturdayTime: 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM Venue: Wolf Frameworks, # 4, 15th Cross, 4th Sector, MCHS, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560 034 Switch Board Number: +91 80 2572 4140 Google Map: http://bit.ly/cst1qo Registration Desk for this Meet: http://bit.ly/aZtGYW (This is a must). Please Mark your Confirmations on LinkedIn also: http://events.linkedin.com/OCC-Bangalore-Business-Meet-SaaS-PaaS/pub/304208

Hope the above information helps, for any further assistance, ping:

OCC - Amarinder: 93431 71420 / amarinder.singh.76@gmail.com OCC - Vaibhav: 99861 86194 / pandey.vaibhav@gmail.com

WOLF - Pradeep: 99801 90223 / pradeep@wolfframeworks.com