P.K. Agarwal Named Chief Executive Officer of TiE Global


SANTA CLARA, Calif. - (Business Wire) TiE Global announced that its Board of Directors has named P.K. Agarwal to serve as its Chief Executive Officer, effective May 4th, 2010. Current TiE Global CEO Suren Dutia plans to leave the organization after a transition period.

In making the announcement, Arjun Malhotra, Chairman of TiE Global Board of Directors, said, "We are honored and privileged to have P.K. join TiE Global. As Chief Technology Officer of the State of California during the last 5 years, P.K. has successfully consolidated multiple independent IT organizations, saving taxpayers over $60 million.

He was instrumental in pioneering and shaping the national policy on the use of Internet in government and has the unique distinction of having a U.S. national annual award named as the 'P.K. Agarwal Award for Leadership in Electronic Government.' With his stellar reputation and proven track record, I am confident that P.K. Agarwal is the right executive to take TiE into the next phase of its evolution."

Arjun also took the opportunity to thank Suren for his widely acknowledged contributions, personal sacrifices for TiE, and for fulfilling his mandate of institution building at the organization.

He said, "We are grateful that under Suren's exemplary leadership, TiE Global has been strengthened in every respect - from institutionalizing TiE Global, improving governance, strengthening the TiE brand to implementing a common technology platform across all TiE Chapters, commencing a host of exciting initiatives and building a solid financial footing. I am positive that P.K. Agarwal will continue the momentum and build on our vision of forming a collaborative and unified organization."

In his new role as CEO of TiE Global, P.K. will oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services to support the goals of TiE chapters worldwide and advance the TiE mission, which is to promote entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking and education. P.K. Agarwal said, "TiE is the world leader in fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing innovators. It is a great honor to join its leadership team and have the opportunity to build on its success."

P.K. has over 25 years of experience in government technology, spanning both the public and private sectors. Previously, he held positions of Vice President at ACS Inc. and Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer for NIC Inc. He started his professional career as a management consultant for EDS Corporation. P.K. has a Master's degree in operations research from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master's degree in mechanical engineering from California State University, Sacramento and a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi, India.

P.K. succeeds Suren Dutia, a veteran of TiE, and CEO of TiE Global for over 4 years. Suren said, "P.K. has a national reputation as a public sector visionary. P.K. is a sought after speaker on a wide range of IT issues, including the future of technology and the shape of things to come. At this juncture, when TiE Global is rapidly expanding and gaining momentum - with 55 TiE Chapters in 13 countries, we are optimistic that P.K. will provide the stability and the drive required to take TiE to its next level of growth."

Neil Sims and John Holland, Managing Directors of Boyden Global Executive Search in San Francisco, in close coordination with Dinesh Mirchandani, Managing Director of Boyden India, partnered with Board of Trustees of TiE Global to assist in the search process for their next CEO. Neil said, "Those of us at Boyden believe that entrepreneurship is the engine that drives the world's economy. We were honored to partner with TiE Global in their CEO Search." He added, "P.K.'s proven leadership skills, exemplary public and private sector experience and multi-cultural knowledge give him powerful credentials to lead TiE's growth around the world.

P.K. has been in many leadership positions in California state government, across the United States, and elsewhere. He has served as the President of National Association of State CIO's and the President of EC3 council. He was an advisor to the former Governor of Gifu prefecture in Japan on the subject of IT enabled growth. He also served on the Board of Directors of California Psychological Health Plan. He is also a member of the board of Future 500, a nonprofit committed to sustainability.

About TiE Global

TiE is the world's largest nonprofit organization focused on entrepreneurship. The TiE ecosystem comprises 13,000 members, with 20% of them being charter members by invitation - top entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, lawyers and management professionals in their chosen field. TiE has 55 Chapters in 12 countries, spread across five continents. All 55 TiE Chapters operate independently and focus on serving their local region, while being affiliated to TiE Global.

TiE Global is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking and education. TiE, a global network of entrepreneurs and professionals, was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley, California, USA, with roots in the Indus region. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation, and giving back to the community, the focus of TiE has always been to foster and nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs.

TiE endeavors to cultivate and nurture the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, seeing this to be the single most powerful instrument of economic development and prosperity. From the beginning, the TiE mission was fostered by the world leaders in commerce and academia who founded the organization. TiE Global continues to benefit today from the advice and guidance provided by top-tier executives and thought leaders from varied industries and geographies worldwide. For further information about TiE Global, please email: globaladmin@tie.org or visit http://www.tie.org.


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