Sarah Dodds Enterprise Accelerator, London is looking for MBA intern and a social venture to fund


Sarah Dodds Enterprise Accelerator is now accepting applications for one or two interns to work in an intensive capacity?building and strategic management role with one of a small number of exciting London based social businesses. This initiative is supported by the Sarah Dodds Enterprise Accelerator (please see below for details). MBA students, graduates and applicants of MBA calibre will be considered for a hands?on role working directly with the management team of a high?growth social venture.

These internships, varying between 4 weeks to 3 or more months, will give you not only handson experience inside a great social business, preparing it for growth, but contacts and connections across the industry and in "mainstream" industries as well. This is a real "foot?inthe?door" opportunity for anyone interested in breaking into the UK's social enterprise and social finance world, and in getting real experience with a growing start?up.

The social ventures for the 2010 internship will be with fast?growing London?based social enterprises. Exact remits will be defined once 2010 projects have been selected but we anticipate projects will require input on growth and marketing strategy, business planning strategy, and assisting the business to attract investors.

Internship dates. The internship is flexible to accommodate varying schedules of MBA graduates.

The start date for the internship should fall between June 2010 and Sept 2010. The intern will work intensively (minimum 4 days/week) with the social enterprise business for a period of 4?12 weeks (or more) depending on the needs of the organisation.

Case manager. Each intern will be mentored by a “case manager” – a high level professional with extensive management and enterprise experience.

Financial support. Where required the fund pays an internship stipend of £20,000 p.a. pro?rata. It has also set aside discretionary investment funding for each social venture it engages with should this be needed. This money will be drawn down at the discretion of the intern and case manager to cover costs contributing to strategic capacity building within the venture. The internship offers a stipend, and also offers access to a wide variety of industry experts and leaders, as well as a significant “hands on” for those looking to develop enterprise and start?up skills.

Application procedure. Applicants should provide the following information by 15 April 2010:

• CV

• Covering letter, which should address the following points

o Start?up and venture experience

o Relevant industry experience (FMCG, beverages, fair trade, organic)

o Career plans, if finalised

o Applicant’s motivation for doing the internship, and expected outcomes

o Expected graduation date and availability for the internship

Please submit information to Rachel by April 15.

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