Scaling Up To Global Trade: An IP Dome Seminar


Entering the global market place, and succeeding in it, is a dream that entrepreneurs share in common. Addressing this need, IP Dome, the Intellectual Property Strategy Advisors, conducted its fourth Strategy Seminar on Scaling Up To Global Trade on Friday, 19 March, 2010 at Rotary News Trust Conference Hall, Egmore. The seminar focused on aspects of Union Budget 2010-11 that is of value to the SMEs and the corporate sector.Choosing to trade in the international market implies competing with the big players and leading brands. Building brand value is a challenge in itself, while keeping quality and delivery commitments coupled with financial constraints adds to a new entrant’s burden. Yet, at some point these shackles have to be broken open to prevent stagnation and increase global presence. IP Dome’s seminar provided clarity on these aspects and other areas of global trade.

Mr. A. Subramaniam, Managing Director of PESCO BEAM Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and the District Governor of RI District 3230 for the Rotary year 2008–09 made a presentation on Ten Steps to Going Global. He stressed the importance of defining one’s business and focusing on the core competence of the enterprise. Following Mr. Subramanian, Mr. Raja Seenivasan, MD, VRS Leathers, spoke on how to make the Transition from a SME to a Global Player smooth and safe. He shared some of his practical experiences as to how he made it from a one-employee company to now a leading exporter, catering to the needs of the international market. He stressed the importance of keeping commitments made to business partners and maintaining lasting relationships with employees. He also made the point that the quality of goods was the best brand ambassador a company could have. Both speakers emphasized the necessity to recognize that as international players, entrepreneurs represented their country, and that when they falter, it is the reputation of India that is lost.

Former Chief Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise, Mr. Manickavasagam, spoke on the relevant aspects of the Union Budget relating to the import and export criteria that is of interest to the entrepreneurial sector. He discussed the size of the economy and the government schemes for the special economic zones. He also urged the audience not to encourage corrupt practices in the governmental sector. Presenting a session on the “Legal Strategies to Going Global”, Mr. P.V.S. Giridhar, Senior Partner, P.V.S. Giridhar and Sai Associates, addressed comprehensive issues of law that pertains to international trade laying special emphasis on the need to understand contracts, international treaties, and intellectual property rights involved before entering global trade.

The participants were a heterogeneous group, including advocates, Company Secretaries, entrepreneurs, and business networking groups, web portal designers, SMEs, and corporates. Scheduled at the right time of the year, the seminar received a good response from the participants. The practical experiences shared by the speakers added to the success of the seminar.

IP Dome’s Strategy Seminars are intended to provide a platform for shared learning through experiences in focused groups. The seminars also help entrepreneurs to build on their competitive edge and provide a lasting differentiation in the market.


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