Stanford Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship


Program Dates: June 20 - July 2, 2010

Application Deadline: April 19, 2010


Social entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that has captivated the public, the media, activists, philanthropists, and social change agents alike. Around the world, social entrepreneurs are revolutionizing our approaches to problems like education, the environment, poverty, healthcare, and social justice.

The Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship is a ground-breaking new program tailored to the needs and challenges facing successful social entrepreneurs. The curriculum is tailored to help participants take enterprises and innovative models to the next level by refining their innovations and leveraging their impact.


Content Overview

While grounded in a broad general management foundation, the Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship is distinctive in the cutting edge topics addressed, including: tapping the social capital market, balancing social and economic value, blending nonprofit and for-profit legal forms, sustaining innovation, leveraging social innovations through technology; and creating effective cross-sector partnerships. The program also incorporates pioneering research from Stanford's world-renowned Center for Social Innovation.


* Enhanced understanding of the mechanisms of social innovation

* Better appreciation of the key feature and principles underlying the “business models” of successful social entrepreneurial ventures

* Improved ability to lead rapidly growing organizations and foster and sustain an entrepreneurial culture

* New skills for building relationships and alliances across nonprofit, public, and private sector boundaries

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