Study reveals startling dissatisfaction amongst young ?City? professionals*

• 6 out of 10 young professionals working in London don?t like their jobs (61.3%)

• 8 out of 10 young professionals are planning on changing jobs within 2 years (79.2%)

• 7 out of 10 young professionals are planning on changing industries as well as jobs (69.4%)

• Top 3 reasons given for job dissatisfaction: 1) Lack of fulfilling work, 2) Lack of positive world impact, 3)

Lack of creativity

*Escape the City survey: completed by 1,146 young professionals (aged between 22-35) is a community-based platform aimed at helping young city

professionals find fulfilling occupations outside of the corporate mainstream


ESCAPE THE CITY was started by two EX-MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS DOM JACKMAN (27) and ROB SYMINGTON (26) while they were working as business advisors at a ?BIG 4? ACCOUNTANCY FIRM. The idea was born out of a shared realisation that not only did they want to do something different with their lives, but that thousands of their peers felt exactly the same way.

They decided to build when they realised that there is considerable demand amongst young professionals for exciting opportunities outside of the corporate mainstream. The platform is designed to provide these opportunities. The site has over 10,000 members, has been online

since Monday 8th March 2010 and has already had 80,000 page views & multiple job applications.


Mission: To help thousands of unfulfilled young professionals find fulfilling, exciting, and meaningful occupations by providing them with interesting opportunities outside of the corporate mainstream. Business Model: Escape the City is a community and a philosophy first and a business second. The site provides free job listings for organisations that fit the bill. Charged services to follow for organisations

that want to employ talented young professionals from the traditional city industries (i.e. law, banking, consulting, accounting).

Website: An information-based, user-generated, community-led platform, using social media and word of mouth to assemble a passionate and engaged community of aspiring corporate escapees.

Features include:

• Opportunities – Listings of interesting opportunities at exciting organisations

Live example: Clean Energy Finance Associate (Clinton Climate Initiative)

• Heroes – Interviews with people who represent different and inspirational career choices

Live example: Mike Chapman: Ernst & Young consultant to Cancer Research Strategy Unit

• Connections – A listings board for young professionals to share projects, ideas & opportunities

Live example: Volunteers wanted for creative charity film project in Ghana

• Events – Evening talks, lectures & exhibitions

Live example: Wednesday 24th March – Q&A with ex-Goldman Sachs Burrito Bar entrepreneurs

• Resources – A comprehensive database of relevant useful links, articles & books

Live example: A Book About Innocent: our story and some things we've learned


• 10,000 + members

• Featured in the Evening Standard “The Great Escape Route”

• Subject of German documentary (Arte TV) on ?Escapes from the financial sector post-credit crunch?

• Interest from numerous recruitment agencies and headhunters

• 650-person sell-out launch party in Guanabara Bar, Central London. Guest speakers included Alastair Humphreys (round-the-world cyclist), Ben Keene (TribeWanted), Tom Pakenham (GreenTomatoCars), and Venetia Thompson (Gross Misconduct)


“Rob & Dom, Your website has inspired me to down tools and change my career”

Jenny – Lawyer

“I saw an opportunity to work for Google on your site. I?m applied and I got the job, I”VE ESCAPED! THANKS!”

Tom – Management Consultant

“Thanks to your site I?ve just left a job I hated to do something I?m passionate about. I got the job with Innocent

Smoothies thanks to you. I can?t thank you enough”

James – Banker

“Because of you guys, I'm doing my dream job. Thank you so much”.

Tom – working in Cambodia with HALO mine-clearing Trust

“This website has a great vibe with amazing information. It really focuses on a niche and, for our generation, I

believe this niche is growing.”

Kate - Accountant

“Thank you so much for putting our ad in your newsletter. We have got a lot of CVs as a result and the day it

went out we got a record number of hits on our website which is amazing!”

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