Villgro in association with the Rockefeller Foundation, presents the Villgro Fellowship : 28th April


Villgro in association with the Rockefeller Foundation, presents the Villgro Fellowship, a 10- month program designed to equip individuals who dare to follow their dreams and to help build a prosperous rural India.


The Villgro Fellowship offers an exciting opportunity to work for 10 months both independently and alongside Villgro professionals. Since the launch of the Villgro Fellowship in 2009, 7 fellows with varied professional backgrounds and experiences from around the globe, having worked in France, Brazil, the United States, Bangladesh and India have joined the program. During the program, Villgro Fellows contribute to rural prosperity by:

* Mentoring a social enterprise with innovative products or service models, serving the rural markets, by providing their expertise in strategizing, process design and implementation, marketing & business development to name a few, and thus enabling a large scale rural impact;

* Deploying practical, imaginative and decisive leadership in working with innovators, innovations, social entrepreneurs and rural markets;

* Acquiring in-depth understanding of the innovation and social enterprise sectors;

* Developing specific expertise in process management, product development and business planning & strategy;

* Implementing the best (international) practices from industry.

Rural India needs ideas that can deliver inclusive, eco-friendly and sustainable prosperity. A handful of individuals – better known as social entrepreneurs – are making that difference by blurring the boundaries between business and social good. These individuals stand out for their vision, purposefulness , passion , leadership , innovativeness, risk taking ability, and persistence.

If you are one such path-breaker in the making, you need to have a space to hone those instincts, a live laboratory that will help you sharpen your abilities. Above all, you need an opportunity to prepare yourself to launch your dream venture

Fellowship Location , Compensation and Travel

Villgro is pleased to provide you a stipend of Rs. 25,000/- per month to cover meals, housing and incidental costs.

The fellows may be required to travel to or stay at the location of the innovators they are working with. All travel and stay will be in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and some states in the north.

Compensation for the fellows program is designed to cover the costs associated with the program, i.e., local travel to and from the office, accommodation, local transportation for business needs, food, health insurance and incidentals.

Villgro will reimburse the to and fro transportation of the shortest route for all to Chennai from their place of domicile. In addition, travel expenses to the innovator location, for quarterly meetings and any other Villgro meetings during the fellowship will be borne by Villgro


1. How many fellows will be selected for the program this year?

We are launching a second round of fellowships this year and as such will be accepting 5 fellows. In addition to the fellowship, Villgro also recruits volunteers, interns and other professionals for various projects.

2. What is the nature of support that will be offered for Villgro fellows to settle down at the place of work if they are from elsewhere?

Villgro will provide you with accommodations for the first 10 days of your stay in Chennai. During that time, the administrative staff will help you to identify suitable housing for the rest of your stay. Accommodations for work-related travel are organized by the administrative staff.

3. Can Villgro fellows bring their immediate family along with them?

The fellowship program will arrange for travel, work permits and other items only for the fellow. While Villgro acknowledges and respects the needs of fellows to bring their immediate family, they will need to do so at their own expense. It should be noted that fellows may be expected to travel at short notice and according to the schedule of the incubation plan, and that the program is intensive, time-consuming and requires real commitment and flexibility. Fellows should consider these factors carefully before deciding to bring family members.

4. Are Villgro fellows allowed to take leaves of absence during the program?

Villgro fellows are encouraged to take leaves of absence only for reasons of sickness or physical inability to travel to work. Leave requests for exceptional reasons will be considered on a case by case basis.

5. What type of mentoring and support will Villgro fellows receive during the program?

Each fellow is assigned a formal mentor from within Villgro to whom they are encouraged to discuss the progress of their project or any other matters they need support on. This mentor would not be the person he/she is reporting to. Apart from this, Villgro has a very positive and supportive work culture and you are free to seek informal mentoring and support of any Villgro employee you choose.

6. Can fellows expect an offer of employment from Villgro or its partner organizations on completion of the program?

Villgro reserves the right to extend employment to fellows. Upon completion of the program, if such an offer is not made, Villgro can help to recommend opportunities at other organizations based on Villgro's assessment of the fellow's performance and potential.

How to Apply

Send in your detailed resume, along with a one page summary (not exceeding 500 words) of why you are interested in applying for the fellowship and which project you are interested in, to before 28th April 2010

Shortlisted candidates can expect a phone call from us at a mutually convenient time informing them of the same.

Finalists would participate in an in-person /teleconference /video conference interview with an eminent social entrepreneur and senior staff from the Villgro selection board.

The decision on the persons selected for the Villgro fellowship and extension of offers to successful candidates will be announced on 3RD May 2010

Apply now to participate in an exciting journey with us!


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