Voice over Internet Protocol


Internet has completely transformed the information technology sector right from its inception. It has revolutionised data transfer, storage and also business. Internet has steered and established a strong relationship between customers and businesses throughout the globe.

An individual can rely on internet and its services for anything and everything. It has even revolutionised communication systems and is proving to be a healthy competitor to conventional communicating devices like cell phones through a well established and universally accepted VOIP technology.

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which helps people to accomplish long distance communication over internet. It makes communication a wonderful experience powered by its dynamic hardware and software entities.

VOIP technology converts analog signals into its digital counterparts and transmits them over internet connections. This enables users to make phone calls without subscribing to any telecom service. This technology can also be accessed using an IP phone. These are specially designed phones used for voice routing via an IP address. Even a PC-to-PC service can be adopted. Each of the above mentioned call methods have different hardware set ups and it also depends on the type of user.

It has proved to be a cost effective method in business. One can communicate to customers or delegates or even have an integrated conference with fellow workers using the VOIP technology. It is cheaper because an existing PC and data networks are the requirements for establishing a communication network. Many VOIP service providers have plans which are as cheap as 30$ per month. In United States VOIP service providing companies such as Call Wave and Vonage are expanding steadily.

Business owners can establish a customer support service like call centres using VOIP technology more effectively and at cheaper rates than conventional communication devices. It gives flexibility in the sense that one can make or take business calls from offices or home using this “Click to talk” technology. Business and service sector organisations can establish databases on region basis irrespective of location of the business for customer service, allow multiple employees to manage customer calls, own web based voice mail services for instant business tracking and what not using VOIP.

Thus VOIP is no doubt a technology that can spur growth in communication sector and also business by providing cheap, efficient and highly flexible platform for communication. It reduces a company’s annual budget for phone calls by a huge margin!!!

-Aditya Prasad , YourStory