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Friday May 14, 2010,

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It is obvious that if you are new to the touch interface of your Ipod, it will take at least a week to recover from the phenomenon. After a week you would want to install applications to it to make it more impressive and useful in many more ways. Here is a list of free 15 Ipod apps that serves as a starting point for majority of the users. Also for users who think that the free apps in Itunes store are useless or boring or trial versions, think again. 


A really cool app designed by the Facebook team for both Ipod and Itouch. It provides a great interface for your usual facebook tasks including uploading pictures, updating status messages etc. Once logged in, it runs in the background and the Ipod is push-notified of any new notifications. So you don' t have to keep opening it every now and then to check for new updates. Also when you update your status in FB using this, the signature 'Posted using Facebook for iPhone' gets attached.


Twitterific provides a sensational interface for tweeting with a few themes. Many such Twitter agents are available in the store like TweetDeck for example, but this is one application I personally recommend.


Ipod version of the desktop-dictionary WordWeb. A must have software for everyone. Carrying a dictionary in your Ipod that has over 2,40,000 words offline from 4 dictionaries and can get meanings from several online references is always handy.


Another software for all the reference needs. This one provides a easy to use interface for Wikipedia. Although Wikipedia normally has a mobile version, this software provides several advanced features making it indispensible


A simple software that makes your Ipod emit white light in full screen making it a good torch. Many similar applications with even better features like different colour lights, colour rotation etc are available. But considering the factors battery usage and stability, this is the best there is.

Big Cinemas

An application made by Big Cinemas for Ipod which helps users to know the timings of theatres in Big Cinemas, book tickets etc.

Convert Units

This is a software from free the apps project aiming to provide quality Ipod software for free. Convert Units, as the name suggests is a converter between the various metrics. Ease of use is a must mention in this software.

Draw It!

Draw by touch and clear by shake. Adjust the colour of brush, brush size and background as per need. This is a fun app for doodling and killing time.

Formula Free

A scientific application that lets you use over 600 mathematical and geometrical formulae. Just select the formula you want to use from a neatly categorized interface, punch in the inputs and it throws the result.


A list of public holidays in India for 2010 along with a short description of each. When clicked on any holiday, it connects to Wikipedia and allows you to read about it.


The Ipod interface for the famous International Movie Database. A really impressive app for the movie buffs and others alike for information, reviews and ratings on international movies.

Opera Mini

Apple might be having issues with Adobe Flash or other competitors, but it clearly has nothing against Opera. This is the Ipod version of the much downloaded and used Opera Mini. Looks chic and is easy to use with advanced features.


One more desktop application's Ipod version. Once logged in, this silently runs in the background and alerts when someone pings you or calls you.

PDF Reader Lite

This application should have been Document reader instead. Reads several formats like doc, xls, pdf etc. Easy to upload contents via wifi. It provides some advanced features like creating Pdf documents from yout Ipod as well.


The cricinfo interface for Ipod. For those of you who don't know cricinfo, it is a website offering latest scores, insights, photos etc for cricket from across the globe.


If you have an Ipod in which the applications you installed just quit immediately after opening, upgrading to the latest firmware 3.1.3 solves the issue.

With that said, have fun with your Ipod and take care!

- Harish.R

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