Armaan - an initiative for people with disabilities


The ARMAAN Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of differnently abled individuals for whom fate decides what they face, but they decide how they face ...!!

EMPOWERING individuals to nurture their Mind~Body~Soul.

Living with a disability is easier when you’ve got the right information and resources. ARMAAN provides people with different abilities the answers, solutions, and connections you need for living your life to the fullest.

ARMAAN is a social networking website dedicated to the sole aim of improving the way individuals with different-abilities live their lives to the fullest.

Our initiative will serve as a comprehensive resource providing educational, financial, employment, health , motivational,self development and every sort of guidance and support for nurturing and having blissful liFe...!!

That's what our initiative says," WE EMPOWERING US "

let us make dis place a better world to be,kill disbility not by empathy, but by accessibility..! :-)

Someone has rightly said, "To be religious is good. But choose the religion of Humanity, the greatest religion of the world."

recreaTinG , reframinG, redfininG .!


Access - opening up the world to people with different abilities

Employment - creating job opportunities for people with different abilities

Education - creating knowledge opportunities for successful life

Communication - raising consciousness about different abilities

Financial - providing helping hand through financial support

Health - access to sources of healing

Self development - empowering individuals to nurture their mind,body & soul

policy and law -empowering differently abled person through law

together we can & we wiLL.

loVE alL, sERve aLL...!!




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