Finance 4SMEs Event Agenda

Thursday May 20, 2010,

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Finance 4 SMEs - Debt, Private Equity, IPOs

10:00am- 11:00am | Opening Session

Timely & Adequate Finance for MSMEs: Government’s perspective

One of the major reasons, why MSMEs are not able to scale up, is the lack of adequate and timely finance. The Government has come up with a variety of initiatives including but not limited to classification of MSMEs in the priority sector for financial institutions, collateral-free loans, subsidised credit rating, subsidised technology upgradation schemes, support on export credit, etc. Many a times, these schemes do wonders and many a times they do not have the desired impact for a variety of reasons. One of the most powerful panels, which can ever be put together on such topics, would enlighten the audience and also take suggestions. A Must-Attend Session for all those take interest in the health of the MSME sector.

Sh. Pravir Kumar, Jt. Secretary, MSME Ministry

Dr. H.P Kumar, CMD, NSIC

Sh. Rakesh Rewari, Deputy Managing Director, SIDBI

Sh. Rajeev Karwal, Founder, Milagrow


11:45am – 1:00pm | Panel Discussion

Innovative transaction banking solutions for growing businesses

Most micro and small enterprises turn sick or lose orders because they always find it extremely difficult to raise enough working capital, as and when they require. Many MSMEs are forced to access the open market at much higher interest rates than the banking credit rates and they are never able to compete with bigger and more able competitors. Of course, there is never only a one-side to a coin and while the financial institutions may be blamed for being insensitive or conservative on one-hand, even the MSMEs may not be doing certain things right to get adequate and timely help from the financial institutions. This session would deal with all these issues and some of the most innovative schemes, which have been launched in recent times to help MSMEs overcome these problems.

Powered by HSBC Bank

2:00pm – 2:45pm | Panel Discussion

Stating a Rating – What does it get you..??

Credit Rating is an often used tool by MSMEs across the globe to get timely and adequate finance. The Government of India launched a very ambitious programme a couple of years ago, with NSIC being the nodal agency, to help MSMEs get properly rated through certain nominated credit rating agencies. The Government reimburses 75% of the cost of the rating and has invested heavily. The jury is still out whether the experiment has succeeded or not. In the meanwhile, many MSMEs have taken good advantage of this initiative of the Government. We will hear success stories and the benefits of this scheme in this session from some of the most important members of the credit-rating ecosystem.

Powered by Crisil

Mr. Ramraj Pai, Director, SME Ratings, Crisil

Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta, Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India

Mr. Suresh Sarvria, Director Finance, Express Housekeepers Private Limited


2:45pm – 3:45pm | Panel Discussion

Mentors to Ventures… Not just providers of finance

It is not just the finance and its availability which is important for an MSME to go into the next orbit of success. Venture Capital or Private Equity is one of the initial steps that an evolved & informed entrepreneur takes to build a platform for becoming a giant organization. Venture capitalists also realize that path-breaking ideas & adequate finance is not a 100% guarantee to market success. It requires a good organization structure, competent & skilled people, hand-holding of entrepreneurs and people, knowledge of best processes & technology, and last but not the least, the power of the right network. Many venture capitalists claim to be not just investors but also mentors. We will hear the stories of some successful ventures, who otherwise could not have made it big without the mentoring support of the investors.

Powered by State Bank of India

Mr. Bipin Bhardwaj, DGM- SME, State Bank of India

Ms. Padmaja Rupreal, President, Indian Angel Network


4:30pm – 5:30pm | Speaker Address

From a Giant Idea to a Giant Enterprise: Route to IPO Success

Access to real-growth capital at the most-appropriate valuation through the initial public offering (IPO) is the dream of any micro, small or medium enterprise. Most MSMEs however do not know the best route to capital markets. In recent times, the Government as well as Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) have taken lots of initiatives to make it more conducive for smaller companies to access capital from markets. This session would deal with all the hidden mine-fields as well as the sweet taste of rightly-valued capital.

Powered by Delhi Stock Exchange

Mr. Prithvi Haldea, Managing Director, Prime Database

Mr. H. S. Sidhu, CEO & ED , DSE

Mr. G. P. Madan, Past Chairman, ICSI, North Chapter

Mr. Pavan Vijay, MD, Corporate Professional

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