Nokia is looking for innovative applications that raise the quality of living across various spheres of human life.


Select any of the categories and submit your entries before 10 th June 2010

Eco/Being Green



Life Improvement

Growth Economy Venture Challenge

Take the first step towards great prizes and review the contest categories. This year, the contest has numerous opportunities for developers submitting apps that are localized for consumers in specific countries, including China.

What you can expect to win

Grand Prize : 30,000 USD in cash.

2nd Prize : 15,000 USD in cash.

3rd Prize : 5,000 USD in cash.

Plus some special prizes:

  • Best application for the Nokia N900 : $50,000 (USD) in cash.

  • Best cross-platform application using Qt : $50,000 (USD) in cash.
  • Best mobile computing application: $50,000 (USD) in cash, plus the winner of this special prize will be included in a multi-million dollar global marketing campaign that will be used to help promote the winning app.
  • Best locally relevant application with global potential : $15,000 (USD) in cash.

Cash of course matters but a chance to work with Nokia is simply priceless !

Details of the contest are available at


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