Opera mobile 9.5 by Opera software


Opera mobile 9.5 by Opera software is unique software designed to access internet on mobile or any other device. Built on opera’s core architecture, it provides desktop like browsing experience with innovations like zooming and panning that makes navigation easy, to download information and brings users close to web content and entertainment.

Some of the striking features of Opera mobile 9.5 are as follows:

  • Faster speed: This new software from Opera uses opera’s Presto rendering engine to achieve faster page load speed and downloads, even if the page is designed with heavy languages like JAVA and AJAX. It ensures to every user smooth and user friendly browsing experience.
  • Compelling experience: Opera has innovated to its hilt to ensure that its customers have a wonderful browsing experience. Using opera’s ZOOM technology one can dive into a page to focus on more important articles. It also enables users to save their pages for offline access of the same. All these initiatives truly elevate Internet experience on a hand held device.
  • Fully loaded and ready to use: Opera 9.5 comes as a fully loaded browser with Flash, web 2.0 etc enabling users to access their favourite websites like Facebook, my space and many more. It also allows operators to install Flash Lite3 that allows users to watch their favourite videos on YouTube effortlessly. One can save time by accessing information quickly using Opera widgets which are mini applications that allow users to access information in a click.

Opera 9.5 includes all the facilities available on a desktop browser like:

  1. Intuitive user interface
  2. Tabbed browsing
  3. Improved text wrapping
  4. Page overview, zooming and panning
  5. Landscape mode
  6. Call phone number from web page
  7. Send link or image as SMS/MMS
  8. Small screen rendering
  9. Password manager
  10. Opera widgets
  11. Copy text

Thus you can use your handheld device like a desktop or a laptop to access the web using Opera 9.5

Opera 9.5 is available on all platforms including Symbian, Windows mobile and LINUX as both standalone browser and SDK.

Therefore, Opera 9.5 is wonderful software that provides an enthralling browsing experience on a handheld device to all its users. An alert to all smart phone users: Opera 9.5 mobile browser is worth a try. Thus, with all its innovative initiatives OPERA has profoundly earned the title as” the only company that puts the web on any device”.


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