People depend on the internet quiet a lot not only for searching data but of late people have been using it to buy products online. Certain group of people carry out their bank transactions using the online services of the bank. In such transactions securing the information plays a very vital role. There are many encryption softwares available that help you to encrypt data so that your personal information that you post online can be secured and prevented from being used illegally.

One such software manufacturer who has designed such software is ORACLE.

ORACLE’s advanced security is an optional licensed Database add on. Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) offers two different features. They are column encryption and tablespace encryption.

What is transparent data encryption?

Oracle advanced security transparent data encryption allows you to protect data at rest. TDE helps address privacy and PCI requirements by encrypting personally identifiable information(PII) such as credit card numbers and other social security numbers.

TDE is completely is completely transparent to existing applications without any changes to any other applications. Data is encrypted when written to disk and transparently decrypted when the information is authenticated and passed all authorization steps. Authorization steps include checking whether the user has the necessary select and update privileges on application table and checking Database vault, label security and Virtual Private Database enforcement policies.

What is tablespace encryption?

Oracle advanced security supports even table space encryption. When tablespace is created on the command line, an option now exists to select whether the database be encrypted or not. When tablespace is fed with the data the entire tablespace will be encrypted (if option yes is chosen for encryption in previous step). When database reads block data blocks from the encrypted tablespace it will transparently decrypt the data blocks.

Thus using the Oracle’s encryption software we can effectively and safely execute our transactions online. This is very useful especially for individuals who carry out e-business.

- C. Pavan Pramod


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